Do I have a chance?


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Apr 5, 2017
I'm a current high school junior. I'm desiring to apply for a service academy and AFRTOC/Army ROTC. I plan on majoring in aerospace engineering or electrical.
My gpa is 4.5 weighted/3.97 unweighted.
Took the SATs last month, will get results a couple weeks.
Other stuff: I'm the delegate for my school this year for Boys State. I have a part-time job and also referee youth basketball. I also have received 5 "Alpha Plus" pins for being a leader in the classroom. I've also been an incoming freshman leader and will be one again for the next school year. I plan on volunteering more over the summer and into the school year with Key Club.
I have my varsity letter in theater (lights), and I haven't done any sports since freshman year. Does my letter in theater look good at all? I'm not in the best shape as of right now, but I'm starting to get in shape. If I were to do varsity sports next year would that be too late to put on my application?
Well if you look at the statistics for school year 2016 scholarship winners you will see 80+% had at least one, if not multiple, varsity letters in sports, as well as captain positions on sports teams. So if you don't have these things, understand that you are at a competitive disadvantage.
You have a disadvantage due to the lack of athletics, however that can be overcome with exceptionalism in other areas. You should apply anyways, as you will never succeed if you never try.
FWIW regarding AFROTC scholarships compared to AROTC
1. AFROTC does not superscore the SAT or ACT. It is best sitting only.
2. AFROTC does not allow you to place anything you do after your junior year such as joining sports or clubs. IOWS joining a club or sport as a senior will not be placed into the equation.
3. AFROTC gives @80-85% of their scholarships to tech majors (STEM), if you get a scholarship as a tech major and decide to switch to non-tech once at college, you will need approval from HQ to switch and keep the scholarship. Traditionally that approval rarely ever happens.

The rule of thumb here is you have 0% chance of getting a scholarship if you do not apply, so just put your best foot foward