DoDMERB Director Thanks to RetNavy HM!

DoDMERB Director

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Apr 28, 2007

I am the current Director of DoDMERB, having been appointed in Feb 2007.

I had the good fortune to work with (and be trained by) RetNavy HM when I first reported to DoDMERB in April 2005.

While I am delighted that he has volunteered to provide this service to applicants and their families, it points out that we still have leagues (hey I'm a Navy guy also) to go in improving the service we provide. My goal is to make our process as transparent and efficient as possible.

I will not be monitoring this site on a regular basis as I will be focusing my energies on continuing to transform DoDMERB into the most responsive, user friendly DoD Agency you will ever interact with. Until we complete our transformation, please direct your questions to RetNavy HM. He is an outstanding source regarding our processes. I am also going to task him to bring forward your questions/issues/suggestions so we can tackle them directly.

We eagerly solicite all suggestions on how we might improve our processes. Any and all comments will be reviewed and if appropriate, implemented as staffing and funding permit. Your suggestions will be used to make the process better for future applicants and their families.

Ideally we would find all applicants medically qualified! The reality is there are applicants with medical conditions that are not compatible with military service as determined by the Secretary of Defense. I assure all that the DoDMERB staff will do our very best to thoroughly review each case as if it were our own!

Thank you very much for supporting RetNavyHM in providing us with his expertise.
My daughter knew she was facing a disqualifying medical history when she began applying, in fact she almost abandoned her hopes of a military career altogether. Because of the good counsel of RetNavyHM, we were able to successfully navigate the DoDMERB maze and pursue and ultimately be granted medical waivers to both USMA and AROTC.

I only had to call DoDMERB 3 time over the course of our 7 month process, because of the advice and knowledge we found here. Each time I found the fine folks at DoDMERB very helpful and patient.

For my daughter it worked out - we are very grateful.
Well it seems I have been found out!!

I can say that DoDMERB Director was one of the best people I had the privilege to work with in my 20 years of service. I do believe that DoDMERB as an institution is going to undergo some big changes in the next couple of years, all driven by the DoDMERB Director. He is really focused on the customer, which would be the applicants.

Since I've been given a new task, if you have suggestions or ideas on things to make the process better/easier to deal with, please feel free to PM me and I'll pass them on!
DoDMERB Director, it was so good of you to take your time to come here to say such sincere words about Dodmerb to those who have just gone through the process and those nearing it. As you can probably tell, RetNavyHM is near and dear to many hearts with his sound and honest advice. A good many would suggest that you find 100 more like him. :biggrin:

Congratulations on the new job and the best of wishes! Your thoughts are beyond appreciated! Please do check in here when you’re able and if I can volunteer to peel & stick stamps, let me know.
RetiredNavy: A Tremendous blessing

DOD Director,

For so many of us on this site, we had such little knowledge of the academy/DODMERB process that we would have been completely lost if someone had not guided us.

RetiredNavyHM is that person. He has unselfishly helped so many families/kids it is amazing.

I question whether our family would be in the position we are in now, a USNA appointment for our child without his expertise.

It is awesome to see him get some of the credit he deserves.