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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by aznpow3r, Jun 30, 2012.

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    I have recently been medically disqualified from DoDMERB, and I am now in the process for getting a waiver. I have currently been offered a 4-year National ARMY ROTC scholarship and I am wondering... If this waiver doesn't turn out positive, is it possible for me to still enlist in the military?

    1.Does DoDMERB and MEPS share one anothers records?
    2.Will I pop up in the MEPS systems if I attempt to enlist, as they will see a medical disqualification?

    It would be a shame to be disqualified twice!

    Thank you very much for all your help!!!
  2. GoArmyBeatNavy

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    Not sure why it matters if DoDMERB and MEPS share the same systems. You should disclose whatever the condition is that caused your medical disqualification decision from DoDMERB. There is an enlisted waiver process as well.

    It would be a shame for you to not report your true medical history in order to enlist.
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    Agree with the above poster. You must disclose your medical conditions; failure to do so can cause huge issues. I would discuss your issues with your enlisted recruiter.

    Different services have different physical standards. SAs and ROTC may differ in some respects. And there may be some differences for officer and enlisted. You have to go through the process (frustrating as it may be) to get your answer.
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    You will be asked on the MEPS physical if you have ever been disqualified in the past. You will need to answer truthfully, you would not want what could happen if you fail to disclose.

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