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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by aaron7198, Dec 12, 2011.

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    I was recently speaking with my Air Force Academy Liaison officer, and he asked if my letter said anything about being pilot qualified. He said even if I did not meet eye sigh requirements it should have said I was navigator qualified. The letter I received from DoDMERB just says qualified. Does this mean I am only commission qualified?
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    I have 20/13 vision uncorrected and mine only said qualified. (20/13 is better than 20/20 :thumb:) You should call DODMERB and ask them.
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    Definitely not an expert but my son is 2014 at USAFA and they were told that their class was the first to not have that show up on the Dodmerb results and that they don't give it out any more because it was freaking out too many people and so much changes between then and the actual flight physical anyway. However, when they changed the Dodmerb system over last spring, my other son (2015 ROTC) checked his Dodmerb account and it showed he was NOT pilot qualified due to hearing (not bad enough to keep him out but not good enough for PPQ). That was quickly removed from the site, but it was interesting to see (and no big deal since he doesn't want to fly). My understanding though is that Dodmerb no longer reflects this for candidates so your ALO may have been thinking of it from a few years back and not realizing it's changed. Or it may have changed back and I have no clue on what I'm talking about. :biggrin:
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    Do not concern yourself about this at all. You are qualified and at this time that is all you need. Your concern should be about being competitive for your slate.

    Prior to commissioning you will go through another DoDMERB, if it is an eye issue it may correct itself. This is also the reason why they hold off any eye surgery for yrs, because sometimes eye issues can correct their self.

    DS was a PRK candidate in HS. His eyes corrected and he now has a UPT slot without any eye issues, no waiver and no surgery. He now has 20/15.

    Like marciemi stated the PPQ vs PQ was freaking candidates out yrs ago and they decided to end it. I thought they ended it for the class of 12 or 13, which was a time that statistically had a higher apptmt rate.

    Your ALO may have asked this because this yr it will be the most competitive they have seen in the last decade with only 1050 expected to arrive for I-Day.

    AFA has always been the SA that has a tendency to say if you want to fly, you will fly if you commission.

    Eye issues will be a factor not only financially to them to correct it, if possible, but also towards their manpower needs for flying if not possible.

    What is the name of this branch? AIR Force, not Chair Force as many believe. Their mission is air superiority, not the seas, not land. They are going to want to make sure you can fly because what you believe is your dream at 17 (Chair Force) and what your reality is at 22 as an AFA candidate may be two different things. If your eyes are an issue, and corrective surgery can fix those eyes, they will pay the bill, not your folks insurance. It is a cost issue too.

    JMPO, I think your ALO was looking to see if you need a waiver to fly. The fact is according to your post you need no waiver for your eyes. Take a sigh of relief.

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