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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by swiftfox21, Aug 31, 2013.

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    Hi, I am currently in the Army National Guard. I was DQ'd originally for severe noduar cystic acne and my eye sight being correctable to 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. I received medical waivers for them, I know I will need one for my eye sight again. But my acne has cleared up a lot since then, do I still need to put acne down on my medical history form? Also has anybody seen medical waivers approved for eye sight and/or acne before with DODMERB? I am applying for Army ROTC by the way.
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    The DoDMERB exam is valid for 2 yrs, so that is the 1st question. When was this exam done.

    Secondly, your acne answer is already there in your question. The question was history...not presently. You have it in your history, you can't change the past.

    Have people been given waivers for these issues, but of course as always stated here, it is case by case made by the source, i.e. Army ROTC for you. DoDMERB DQ's they are not in charge of waivers.
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    No expert on acne. However, if you are on accutane for it, you must go off it and be okay without it for a specified period of time. There could be issues with other meds as well. You'll need to check with DODMERB for details.

    As always, don't make any medical decisions (i.e., stopping meds) without first consulting your MD.

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