Dodmerb results


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Jul 9, 2006
My daughter, who goes by Navy_Hornet on the other board, got her results posted today. Took the physical July 12th (her 17th birthday plus a day) and results were posted July 27th. Pretty neat, half of the 30 days. :thumb:

No remedials are listed and the bottom says Air Force "Potential Navigator Qualified." Since her vision is about 20/60 or so without her contacts we assume that's the reason she's not "Potential Pilot Qualified"

Now I guess we'll have to see if the Naval Academy waiver request goes through okay. It's our understanding that the Naval Academy does a vision waiver automatically without our doing anything?

Thats correct, USNA is limited in the number of applicants that they can accept whose uncorrected distant visual acuity is less than 20/40 in either eye. If/when your daughter is offered an appointment the waiver will automatically be granted for USNA, there is nothing that you need to do.

For USAFA, if you wish to know the reason why your daughter is Potential Navigator Qualified vs. Potential Pilot Qualified I would call DoDMERB. If its the vision as you suspect, then its really not a problem, but there could have been an error elsewhere on the physical (sitting height is one of the bigger problems) that could be corrected easily.

I'm glad the physical went through quickly, its always nice to see that the people you trained are doing a good job!
Great news Cougar! So good to see NavyHornet is ahead of the game with all the paper work! Its going to be exciting this year! We're waiting & watching with you so keep us up to date!! Its seems like its been forever since you & dd started this journey & I'm so happy for you that the days have finally arrived to spend all those energies towards her goals. Good luck to her!! She's a member of my crazy cyber family & I feel sure she's gonna do soooooo well.
Thanks Jamzmom

Thanks JM, the larger the cheering section she's got the better! :jump1: She just took over command of the CAP Squadron cadets, so I've threatened her that she can't put too much time into that and not finish her apps and get all her homework done this year. It is good practice for the Academy though, having to plan her time carefully.

Sorry about the minor thread jack, but I'm really enjoying this forum now also.