Does race really matter?

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    Hi all!:smile:

    So here is the situation. I know that the admissions process puts preference towards minorities for "diversity" as they legally need to fill a certain number of spots for minorities, women, etc. On my application I put down that I am non-hispanic and white, as I really wasn't thinking it would matter at the time. However, I am a quarter Hispanic. Would it help to change this in my application to increase my chances, or does it even count? Also, if I did change it in my application, would the admissions office look at that with suspicion and wonder why I didn't just put that down in the first place? :confused::confused: I'm really stumped on this one. Any help would be appreciated!
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    The BEST person to answer this question is actually your assigned counselor at USAFA. They will know the "feel" of the admissions folks to something like this and they would give you honest feedback.

    I'd give them a call.

    USAFA '83
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    I saw a similar question and answer on the USAFA Admissions FB page...

    “Categories developed in 1997 by the Office of Management and
    Budget (OMB) that are used to describe groups to which
    individuals belong, identify with, or belong in the eyes of the
    community. The categories do not denote scientific definitions of
    anthropological origins. The designations are used to categorize
    U.S. citizens, resident aliens, and other eligible non-citizens."

    "In the end, it is all about how you categorize yourself.
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    There is no legal requirement to fill a certain number of spots for minorities, women, and etc.

    Not all minorities are "viewed" as "minority" candidates. My guess, you won't be viewed as a minority candidate.
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    I agree with Flieger talk to your AFA counselor.

    Have you talk to your GC at your HS to see how they classify you?
    ~~~~ You know when you come home from school that 1st week and throw papers at the folks to sign, one of them probably had a check this box regarding race. The school will place it on file.
    ~~~~ The same is true when you registered for your SAT/ACT exams, they ask to check the box.

    I am only saying, you have a concern of red flags. It might help if you have selected something different somewhere else in your educational history.

    I also agree with Member.
    ~ If you look at a typical college admissions perspective, they also break down minorities into ORM (Over Represented) and URM (Under Represented). Diversity can also include urban area hs schools.

    In the end it may be a nuance issue.
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