Doolie Day Phone Call!!!


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May 21, 2008
I'm reposting something I just put on the AOG forum site.

I just got done talking with my son. What a great phone call. We were a little worried because we knew they would get released around 9am; so we expected a call a little sooner. But, football players first went to get some practice football gear. Then they went to the weight room to do a little work out. Then they had a little Bar-B-Que or something, then they broke up and went to different coaches houses for the day. When I saw his cell phone caller ID on the phone, I was like a kid at Christmas.

He was actually excited. I knew he knew what he was getting into; being raised in a military family, summer seminar, numerous trips to the academy, etc... But I never expected him to say HOW MUCH HE LIKED IT THERE!!!! When he said he was so glad that he turned down all the other colleges that he was accepted to and recruited for and accepted the academy, it was such a warm and proud feeling. (All those years moving and dealing with "My Military Career", I never thought he would want this.

He spoke of many of the Basics who have quit or got injured to the point of being sent home. (Including some injuries playing Push-Ball). He talks about his two room mates; 1 from Hawaii and the other an international student from Madagascar. How exciting to be exposed to such different cultures. (Don't ask how to pronounce the name of the international student. I don't think my son has that figured out yet). LOL!!!

He loves weight training. It's a great release from stress and such. He's eating like a horse, but has maintained his weight from day one. My son is normally a soft spoken person, but he was talking a mile a minute about everything. We actually had to "Interupt" him just to ask question. THAT IS GREAT! He's looking forward to going to Jacks.

Anyway, I hope everyone gets a great phone call from some very excited basics. The hardest part of BCT and the academy is for both the basics/cadets and the parents to know that this was the RIGHT CHOICE. It's obviously not the right choice for everyone, but when your kid is one that says he can't imagine even accepting one of the other college offers, it's a great feeling. You know then that everything is going to be alright. It was the best hour phone call I ever had. Good luck everyone. Later... Mike.....
That phone call really is great. It seems like forever until it comes, but you will remember it forever. We still remember our daughters call. She has the same feelings about the place. When she returned after summer leave she said she couldn't see herself anywhere else. Having that peace of mind about such a big decision is such a relief.
I, too, was very relieved to hear from my sons. Even though Twin2 did sound kind of like Bilbo in Lord of the Rings when he had the bad cold. His broken nose was very swollen that day and he was doing all sorts of mouth breathing.

Got letters from both boys today, just like their personalities. One very succinct, all business. One chatty, giving us a flavor of what he's going through. So, we know breakfast is not done well (or as well as at home :thumb:) and at Jack's, their underwear is VERY dirty!

Still, I do very much look forward to at least a weekly phone call in a few weeks. Funny, 2 months ago, I couldn't go 2 days without talking to them several times. Now, I am hoping for 10 minutes once a week. Times they are a-changing!
Once BCT is over and they have their computers; email will become the norm. We'll probably talk on the phone occasionally, but I'm sure we'll be sending 2 minute emails almost everyday. I got to see quite a few more pictures of Jeremy from the 19th and 20th on the AOG Webguy. It's nice to see him; but most importantly, seeing him WITHOUT crutches, bandages, casts, etc... We got a postcard from him today from the 19th. He said they did the assault course and he made it through. The 20th, yesterday, they did it for real time. He said on the 19th, a lot of people couldn't do it. The heat was getting to them. A few were passing out. Jeremy's room mate was out for almost 2 hours he said. Luckily for Jeremy, this is HIS country. He's been playing in this altitude and dry heat for the last 15 years. I know it's got to be hard on some people. Especially those from sea level where there's humidity and oxygen. Oh well, looking forward to more good news hopefully. Later... Mike.....
I was working the A-course for Interceptors yesterday. Probably saw your son plowing through it. Only two females fell out of the squadron IIRC.
Hey Hornet; glad you're there taking care of our basics. Yea, I'm sure you saw my son. You can't miss him. He's about 5'11"; bald head and glasses. Hee Hee. LOL!!! Sorry, had to say it. It's so difficult at times to look through the hundreds of pictures on the web and figure out which one is your son.

Glad to hear that just about everyone made it through the course for time. Not sure what the policy is if when you do the courses for time what happens if you can't get through it. Keep trying I guess. Anyway, glad they are all making it and are doing well.

Anyway, if you get to work with the Interceptors again, he's in "D" flight. First name is Jeremy. He's not a "Forum" user so he doesn't monitor this or CC. But, my user name here is the same on everything; including email. So he would recognize that. Plus, there's probably not a lot of basics there from Wyoming. Anyway, if you see him, tell him hi for me and his mom. Thanks... Mike....