DQ for pes cavus


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Jun 11, 2006
Finally, an answer this afternoon. But not an end yet.

So, the simple remedial has turned into a disqualification for both ROTC and WP. My son had been treated for a sore foot and piriformis after a long, tough cross country season. He had physical therapy, was fitted for an orthotic and is pain free after the time off. He's already actively participating in track and having no problems.

Pes cavus is the opposite of flat foot. His arch is a bit high. Is this a condition that could be waivered?

By the way he was notified this morning that he will receive a 4-year AROTC scholarship to his #1 ROTC school. West Point is waiting for the medical process to complete.

Antoinette, one of these is for you...:bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
Pes cavus can be waived. Best thing to do right now would be to have your son write a letter explaining everything that has gone on in his words and in as much detail as possible. Explain what activities he participates in, if he is still running now, how often he wears the orthotics, and if he is currently having any issues right now with pain.

Submit this to DoDMERB as soon as possible, and they will forward it to the waiver authority. I believe he should have a fair chance at a waiver, the one thing that concerns me is this is such a recent event. But as I've stated many times, and people have shown on this forum, I can be wrong when it comes to the waiver authorities.

Thanks for the reply.

I guess the good news is that he's not being dq'd for the orthotic, or the piriformis which are the recent issues. The high arch is structural and might have caused the pain, or maybe not. It just seems like the focus of the dq is on a comment in the records describing the shape of his foot rather than the pain or treatment.

He's writing the letter now and I'm getting on the roller coaster for my extra ride. Good thing I don't have to pay for the ride...:wink:
Okay, momoftwins, one is for me, the others must be for DoDMERB because they found that pes cavus DQ. They are soooo creative! (just kidding RetNavy!)

I actually think in these circumstances this :bang: is too mild, this :hammer: is getting there, but this next one is particularly satisfying because this guy never runs out of ammo :rocket: a real Army, huah kind of thing. Which, by the way, is the service your son will be in because HE GOT A 4 YEAR AROTC scholarship! And West Point is waiting...all good.

I think your son was due some good news. Congratulations!
Thanks, Antoinette. I used to be such a non-violent person.

In the meantime, the dq is also for ROTC. It just put a damper on tonight's celebration. I may start whining soon. (nah!, get me the big gun!)

Sorry, I got carried away. May I plead temporary insanity for not remembering that the medical standards are the same for AROTC and West Point? Good luck to your son. We are waiting with you!

P.S. I could not find a whiny face...so whining must not be allowed here. Try this: :cool:

Nobody but RetNavHM could remember all of these details.
It's because he's so :cool: .
Pes cavus waiver just came through for AROTC! It took a week. Now he's waiting to see if WP grants a waiver. What a great lesson in patience. :smile:

Congrats on the ROTC waiver MOM :thumb: Hope the WP waiver comes soon. Good luck!!!
momoftwins, THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! I know that USMA waiver is on the way! :smile:
From the DoDmerb site that is fully functional: WAIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Mom! Way to go hope to see you at R-Day. Best of luck to your son.

congrats on the waiver!

momoftwins :smile:,

Hooray!! :yay: :biglaugh: :yay: :biglaugh: :yay:
Congratulations to your son! :tank1: With the AROTC scholarship, his choice of Army is assured. This is a BIG day!!!!

And many congratulations :beer1: to you for being so patient :cool: !!!