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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by pilot2b, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Jul 8, 2011
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    I'm thinking about dropping Calculus come second semester at the end of January.

    Problem is, I've put it down for my Marine Option NROTC application.

    What kind of process would I have to go through to notify someone, and how would that affect my chances of getting a scholarship?
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    I would email P-Flying17 and ask her. She is a frequent poster here and works at the NETC in Pensacola advising scholarship applicants/awardees.
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    Have you looked at your college mandated reqs for freshman, including testing out?

    You may want to re-think your decision, and hire a tutor if Calc is a req. for graduation. In other words even if they offer you a scholarship accepting the fact you dropped that class, the school may require Calc and you prolonged the inevitable by dropping it in HS.

    Just saying ROTC is not all scholarship, commissioning means fulfilling the requirements of the college for the degree. Math, even for a LAC major is typically required to earn that BA.

    OBTW, colleges, at least for my 2 kids required verification of school transcript after HS graduation. If you are applying for merit money from the college you should contact the individual universities to inform them of this decision. You don't want to get an ROTC scholarship awarded to a school, and the school decide that they revoked their merit because you dropped Calc. If merit is not an issue, you should be fine with admissions, unless, admissions accepted you with no merit, but based on rigor of your SR curriculum.

    Colleges do ask for that end of yr transcript.

    I understand I probably frightened you, I did so for the fact that as an ROTC scholarship candidate it is not just ROTC that has a voice in this decision, the college does too. Talk to your GC tomorrow.

    ROTC is only 1/2 of your equation. College revokes admission and ROTC is gone. ROTC revokes and you still have IC option.
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