Drug Testing at the Academy

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by batmom, Jul 6, 2012.

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    I am writing something that I think may be one of the most important posts on this site. It is a post about current basic cadets, older cadets, and prospective future cadets. Please understand the seriousness of the position of all of the service academies regarding drug usage. There position is an absolute NO TOLERANCE position, and their position is UNBENDABLE. I have been in the insurance business for nearly 40 years. Every time a client applies for life insurance, disabiltity insurance etc. we drug test EVERY SINGLE applicant. Most people (especially young people) are not aware of how long drugs can be present in their bodies. We can discern marijuana use for anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months (for heavy users), and so people that think they can "beat the test" are only fooling themselves. You are NOT GOING TO FOOL THE ACADEMY. Certainly none of you wants to THROW AWAY all that you have worked for, and all that you have sacrificed to be at this academy. Please warn your sons and daughters of what the cost will be for making this horrible mistake. It can cost them their dream and their future. This is not my definition of a good trade for "getting high"! I wanted to send this because I know that there are families dealing with the heartache of "foolish choices" and the consequence of a "poor choice" can be more enormous than anyone can imagine. Please remind your sons and daughters of the importance of their "right choices", because it is not their foolish friends etc. that will be suffering. The suffering will only be borne by them. It is TOO DEAR of a price to pay for a foolish choice. If this helps one person, then this post was worth my writing. batmom
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    Not much else to add to this excellent post.

    I've seen this destroy folks...

    USAFA '83
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    I know some enlisted kids that had their short careers ended, due to some of these bad choices.

    Great post!
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    Spice is the "new" way some cadets think they can "beat the system."

    Just because it may be sold in the corner gas station mini-mart, some think that it's a "legal" way to get high without consequence.


    Just do a few google searches on "spice" and the academies - Coast Guard, Air Force (multiple times in the last year), Navy and Army have all had "spice scandals" that have led to multiple disenrollments.
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    great post batmom.

    If you think that she is blowing this issue out of proportion, do a quick search on the DoDMERB, Academy News and ROTC forums. These forums are littered with candidates and cadets asking for help, now that I smoked marijuana during my hs yrs. what should I do?

    Think of an SA like a corporation with a unique product. Supply and Demand. SA's have over 16K applicants every yr, for @1500 apptmts, on a good yr. They have more demand than supply. There is no need to play with you, when there is a candidate equally qualified that never blurred the line.

    Don't give them a reason not to offer you an appointment.

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