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    My freshman year of high school I was diagnosed with anorexia- I began treatment after 2 months and the case was completely resolved after only 6 months of treatment. I was assured by both my private pediatrician and the doctor at Concorde that this would not present a problem in my application; however, yesterday I received a message that I was medically disqualified for both USAFA and West Point. Before this problem, I had only received positive feedback on my application.

    There are very few threads on this forum- and no recent ones- that I found to help. If anyone has any suggestions or information about who to contact or what to do, it would be much appreciated. I would be extraordinarily disappointed if a resolved past medical condition prevented me from attending a service academy and serving as an officer of the armed forces.

    Thank you!
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    sent you a pm
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    I know that it is unusual to obtain a waiver for this type of issue, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. The concern is that this type of illness can be a lifetime struggle that has the potential to recur, especially in a stressful environment, such as the military. Thus the military needs to be reassured it has completely resolved.

    I recommend you contact the individual SAs and speak to their medical admissions personnel. Ask them if there is any potential for a waiver and, if so, what would be needed. If they tell you it is non-waiverable, then you will know to proceed with Plan B. If there is a chance, they will be able to tell you what would be needed.

    Best of luck to you.

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