Email from USAFA With .xfd Attachment


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Jul 20, 2006
Today we recieved an email from USAFA regarding a problem with the electronic version of the Record of Emergency Data form (form 0-143). It said we should print off the attached form and mail it in after completing it. The problem is that it is in a .xfd file, which my computer doesn't recognize. Does anyone know how I can open it, and what I need to open it with?

As an aside, the email came with no subject and no 'from' line, but with an attachment. It looked suspicious and I almost deleted it without looking at it. Good thing I didn't!

Thanks in advance for the help.

Most likely the form was done using PureEdge, which the AF uses. I'd reply back requesting that it be resent in a .pdf format.
Or let TN one up me with a free viewer, one that I was unable to find. Thanks TN!! :thumb:
Thanks TN and RetNavyHM. Once I installed the program I was able to open the file.
On your suggestion, RetNavyHM, I tried to reply to the email, but couldn't because there is no one to reply to. There is nothing in the 'from' area of the email for a reply to go to. Even in checking properties, there is nothing.