Enlisting in reserves/ SMP question


Dec 13, 2016
I am currently taking out loans and working a job to pay for school. I do not currently qualify for the ROTC scholarship at my university, because my GPA dipped first semester. Would enlisting in the reserves to help pay for college be a good idea? Then head back to college to attempt again? I'm looking at army reserves.Thoughts/advice appreciated.
I am also interested in this, as the reserves seems to be an excellent place to gain enlisted experience, but I was unsure whether or not you could commission active duty after enlisting with the reserves.
Yes, you can commission active duty if you enlist in the USAR/ARNG. The only time you can't commission active duty is if you have a GRFD scholarship. If you enlist and go to BCT/AIT then you will qualify for Federal Tuition Assistance and the Montgomery GI Bill. If you enlist as a 09R and don't go to BCT, you won't get any additional benefits, except for drill pay and years of service to pay.
Look at your state NG benefits. Some states offer in-state tuition breaks, tuition assistance plus money for books/labs, etc, scholarships. I enlisted to help pay for my car/gas as my parents couldn't swing all of it. Also, SMP raised my monthly drill pay to E-5 which was a boost. My state did not offer any tuition breaks. Your summers will belong to the Army, but it sure beats flipping burgers!

Make sure you are upfront with your unit command about your future plans, especially if they are on tap to deploy.