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    Hello All,
    I submitted my essay a few weeks ago. I was recently going over it again to modify it for a different college and noticed a few capitalization errors. Other than that, my essay is flawless. Should I contact my regional director and submit it again with the capitalization changes or are the slight enough that they won't ruin it. While I'm not sure I missed these errors after many proofreads, I would like to know what the best course of action is.
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    I have been dying to use this meme. Don't fret and stop re-reading your essays. Once submitted, just let it go. That's my two cents worth. :)

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    Dude once it's submitted its doneski. Or at least that's what my BGO told me for the usna. focus on what you can change like standardized tests, gpa, involving yourself in more stuff for your resume etc, then they'll probly overlook your small error. Lol shoot for a 12 writing on act that'll show them you know how to write so they'd know it was just a mistake. But yeah I feel ya cuz I read over mine the other day and I sound like an iditard. If I could update it and give my current motivations for attending the academy, I would do it in a heartbeat.
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    It is hard for me to spot my own errors so I recommend having someone else proofread your essays for you prior to submission to colleges. They will see what your eye cannot catch.
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    As others have said, let it go. It's over. There's nothing you can do about it now. Does grammar, spelling, and punctuation count? Yes. But more so, the content matters. This is just like in school. You don't do a book report or essay, have the teacher review it, and give it back for corrections. You submit it and you get graded on it. That's the end. If they allowed you to "improve it", once submitted, maybe they should let you retake your cfa 35 times until you aced it.

    Your essays, cfa, act/sat tests, and interviews are the only things you have immediate control over. Everything else is something that is cumulative. GPA, leadership, volunteering, extra curricular, sports, etc. are all things that take years to develop and to calculate a score based on.

    So, for those doing their applications still, or who will be applying next year, do your essays the best you can. Review them and have others review them. But once you submit them, don't lose any sleep over them. There's nothing more you can do. They will never be perfect. They will never be flawless. That's because you are human and will never be perfect or flawless. Same with your interviews and act/sat scores. Study for both and do your best. And once they are over and you can't do any more for it, then let it go. They will never b perfect or flawless either. And even if they were, that wouldn't guarantee anything.

    For what it's worth, in my time, I have know 2 individuals who are perfect flawless test scores. One was on the act. 36 in all tests and composit. The other was 800 on each sat test. The one who got the 36 on all of the act tests, did NOT receive an appointment to the academy. The other one, wasn't applying to the academy, but she did NOT get into her top 2 Ivy League schools she applied to. And that's with a perfect SAT score and a 4.0 gpa. Even colleges look at the whole candidate.

    So this means, if you don't receive an appointment, there's a 99.937485% chance, that your capitalization errors on your essays, we're NOT the reason. Worry about things you can control, and not things you can't.
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