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Sep 14, 2008
What are my chances? hehe XD

3.4 GPA
AP History-4
AP Writing this year
Mostly honors classes, some cp, 2 ap(listed above).


22 of 294 class rank top 8%

Varisty Golf 2 yrs, 1 yr jv, Student Council, Freshman VP of class, rec roller hockey Cpt 5 yrs, NHS, Bible Club, 6 hours of community service. I think i covered everything...

and....One awesome interview with ALO, Im very dedicated and want this to happen.

I know sats are low D: taking them on Oct. 4th
O forgot I am in competitve marching band hahaha, 4 yrs. This year im Field Captain. Also held two jobs this summer working 55 hrs/ week
overall, your stats look decent. Your class rank is excellent. you already acknowledged that you need to raise those test scores. I would definitely try to build on the EC's, especially the community service hours, and leadership involvement (inside and outside of school). Also, try raising that GPA. I believe you have the potential to get in. message me if you have any questions.
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I'm not trying to rain on your parade; please don't take this that way.

There is NO way anyone can realistically tell you "what your chances are." Why?

Because the admission matrix at USAFA/RR is a very complex system designed to look at EVERYTHING about you, determine how it fits into the leadership composite, academic composite, and overall "grade" for a candidate. And EVERYTHING is taken into account.

Without having interviewed you, several times, spoken with your teachers, counselors, coaches, "bosses at any job you have had", minister/rabbi/priest (if you attend any church, synogogue, etc), and others, an ALO won't be able to complete their evaluation of you. And that's a big portion of your package.

Your grades, class standing, SAT/ACT, and EVERYTHING else about you from day one of 9th grade, is counted. And ALL of that is scored and a final number comes out of the system.

And THAT is what is used to determine where you rank.

And trust me, that number is a VERY closely guarded "secret" that even ALO's don't know. We know where your are numerically on the total composite but we have NO idea where that composite ranks in the selection process. And they keep it that way for obvious reasons.

SO...that's my long way of saying: keep after the goal, take EVERY SAT/ACT that you can afford, ALWAYS take the harder classes, bust your butt in all that you do.

And BIGGIE of late: fitness. If you can't hammer the CFA, then get to the gym EARLY and OFTEN! This is becoming a highlighted item!!!

Thanks for the info, I'm registered for the October SAT, the December ACT is on the day for my Congressional interview D: so I dont think I can retake the ACT. My CFA is tomorrow, but Im sick D: so tomorrow will prob be a practice. I think the only thing that will be affected is the run, so if I do good on the run I will submit my scores, if not I will take it again probably at the end of the week, or beginning of next week.
Flyersboy the course is pretty simple but hard to accomplish. Do your best in High School, participate in at least one sport, find a club you like and be active in it, exercise daily so you can excell at the CFA. Have good interveiws with your ALO and MOC. The rest is up to those people in Colorado Springs.
My gym teacher postponed it! D: its now on wednesday! D: so I rested yesterday for today, so now today I work and tomorrow I rest, hope it doesnt affect anything.
Ya, I take the CFA in 2 and a half hours from now, as long as she doesnt postpone it. I will post my results as soon as I get home before my BGO interview. (My ALO interview was two weeks ago). I am going to ask my BGO during the interview if I should submit my scores tonight or if I should retake. Also your guys and girls opinon would be greatly appreciated.
Basketball throw: 50'
Pull ups: 12
Situps: 81
Shuttle Run: 9.0
Pushups: 53
Mile run: 7:15

Those were my results, I am retaking it nxt week. mile and basketball throw I think are shaky D: what do you guys think?
(I am applying to USMA and assuming the CFA for Air force is the same)

Make sure you are using proper form on the BB throw; if you can try to rotate your body as you throw your distance should increase because most of your power comes from your core. Also make sure you are leaning back as much as you can and then rocketing forwards when you throw (without risking falling over and breaking the rules). I took a practice CFA 3 days ago and got 60 feet, I talked with my football coach, made the changes listed above and today I got 75 Feet. You also should try to improve your shuttle time. I don't know how you run, but make sure that you are being as efficient as you can on your turns. You never want to be doing full turns with your body. If you go and touch the line with your right arm and leg make sure that you touch the next line with your left arm and leg. Also when you go to touch the line do not slow down. Simply chop your feet at the same rate you run because you will waste precious time getting your feet moving again (which you must do 3 times). A easy way to get a few more pull ups in is to look straight up as you go or are getting tired because you will be able to use your Lat muscles more than just your arms ( I went from 10 to 14 pull ups just by doing this and I weigh 225 lbs). You scored pretty well on the push ups; I bet that you can do at least 7 more however. Between today and a day or two before your test you should be doing your maximum amount of pushups as frequently as you can. I went from 23 push-ups a few weeks ago to 60 by doing this.
!!!The most important thing you can possible do is breath. This may sound dumb but most people actually hold their breath as they exercise. On exercises such as push ups make sure you have steady, rhythmic breathing. Remember that your muscles need air to function. Breathing and technique will allow you to score higher on your test. Good luck

P.S. you are stretching for a while before the test time right?
My son took 2.5 seconds off his shuttle run time just by turning before he hit the line. Technique is definitely important to these tests and I think many of the basics-to-be can use this advice Spartan and others have given. Thanks!
spartan thanks for the advice man, that basketball throw is so weird, the first time i did it was at the practice test. I almost nailed 13 pullups, an inch away, so next time ill look straight up. My shuttle run coulda be less, in my practice on my own i had it down to 8.3, i never tried opposite touching so ill try that next time. Thanks for the advice I will def be studying XD