Extra Letter ?


Jan 24, 2017
I completed my application for the USAFA and am currently playing the waiting game. I am worried sick I won't receive on offer as I have only received a tier 2 scholarship for arotc for the fall and not a tier 1. I looked over the instructions for pre-candidates and it mentioned sending in an extra letter with other leadership activisties I didn't mention? Would this be a good idea and help my application or would it seem to desperate ?
What rotc and traditional scholarships you receive, have absolutely zero affect on whether you receive an appointment or not. So don't worry about things that don't matter or you have no impact on.
harrihaven -- I was offered a Type 7 AFROTC Scholarship but accepted to Naval Academy, Air Force Academy this year. AFROTC may be more competitive than usual this year--don't stress it
As I understand it, less than 100 people get type 1 scholarships. I got type 1 and have not been accepted by USAFA yet. You'll be fine!
Same here! I was very humbled and honored to have received a type 1 yesterday and I am still, as many are, anxiously playing the waiting game for USAFA.