Falcon Stadium Seating Assignments


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Sep 30, 2015
Does anyone know if the cadets have seating assignments (between the L16-L22 sections)? Where do the C4 cadets usually sit?
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All cadets sit together in L17 thru L21. See below. I don't know that there is assigned seating within the area. Maybe a current cadet could answer this.

The short answer is that there is no assigned seating. The longer answer is that typically when everyone breaks for the stands they run by squadron to the same general area. However, after that the cadets (including C4Cs) are free to stand wherever they wish in the cadet seating (or for that matter hide in the bathroom if they so desire).
They only sit at half time & change of quarters, I think.:groupwave:

It gets really sunny up there.

In addition: recall, this is NOT STEELER FOOTBALL. So, fencersmother will not care if you cheer or not. :)
Sunscreen and hat are on packing list, thank you.

It's not REDSKINS football, either. We are new Falcons fans and will be cheering. [emoji458][emoji106]
Can't wait for the game. Looking forward to each PW game over the next 4 years. :wiggle:

Also looking to attend the 7 OCT 17 game at Annapolis.
The football game is a good time. If you are taking your cadet to the game have them drive into the lot. Parking was free last year if the cadet was driving.

Also, check out pregame over at the tunnel when people are dropping dollar bills down on the band. It's a good time. My son said last year it was nuts and that there were cadets crowd surfing down there that were losing boots, socks, etc.

As far as seating, he was a C4C last year and sat down low. He volunteered to be on the push up detail after AF Scoring drives. I saw him on ESPN one night at a game when they were zooming in on a few of them after a commercial break for several seconds.

I'm hoping he does the pushups again this year.