Fencersfamily multiplies... again!


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Oct 10, 2007
Hello all,

TwinA and his wife (formerly known here as Nordic Skier) had a new baby girl yesterday! 7#13oz, and all 21 inches of her! Mama & baby doing great! They have a 19 month old beauty, smart as a whip, too. TwinA made it home from his 3rd deployment at 23:59 on Christmas Eve! Took 48 hours, 5 flights, a stopover at TwinA's house while on a long layover, and finally, a 3 hour long drive in an ice storm to get there. But, he made it!

TwinB & wife (who was fencersdaughter's college roommate) expect #3 in late spring!

(Fencersdaughter has a 7 month old RED HEAD wee lass - but no official SA connections)
Congratulations to all! How is "grandma" doing?
Love the circuitous route Twin A had to take to get there in time -- I'm sure that story will be told many times
That should have read: Stopover at TwinB's house... FencersGRANDMOTHER is tired.

Thanks for the congrats.

To (mis)quote TwinA: "And Mom, I have a plague, picked up in XXXXX. Can't shake it. Don't tell me it's so hard to have a baby! My sinuses are killing me." Yes, he has been allowed to continue on with his meager life after that remark. haha
Congratulations! As a fellow mom of twins, I can only imagine the phase of life you are enjoying with your twins and their growing families! How exciting!
Congratulations to the addition to your family. I can Identify with having a Twin A and B. A DD 2021 USMA and B DS is studying at USC California 2021.
Congratulations. I just saw this. I am hoping my son and his wife decide to start a family. All I get is they want to enjoy time with each other first. My wife and I want to be grandparents. We both think that our youngest of 6 will probably be the 1st to have children and she has 2 years of college left.