Finish Application or Not? USMA vs. ROTC

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by arosu13, Feb 26, 2018.

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    Hello. I've been intending on applying to West Point for years but now that the time has come to submit applications, I am wary of it. I have actually discouraged myself from finishing my application (all I have left is to take PT test), and this is because I don't think I want a 24/7 military college life. That is why ROTC has had more of an appeal to me. Can anyone give me some things to think about before making a decision I may potentially regret? Pros and cons of attending West Point. I know everything is due by the 28th which is soon. For someone who yearns for a college life that gives me a good amount of freedom, how well would I assimilate there? Thanks.

    Also, as my PT abilities have dwindled since deciding I probably wasn't going to finish my USMA application, does PT count for a lot if I instead decide to go through with finishing my app? Thanks.
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    I'm not going to list pros and cons as I expect you know the key ones that matter most to you. I can say my son did not finish his application and instead opted for NROTC as he wanted a "normal" college experience. He did not win a scholarship and enrolled without it, winning a scholarship during his sophomore year through hard work and dedication. He is now a USMC 1st Lt with nearly three years of active duty under his belt.

    If you decide not to complete your application, do not look back. Throw yourself into whichever path forward you choose. Plant yourself where you'll thrive.
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    I would say since the clock is ticking - do the PT test and complete the app. IF you are offered a spot, you don't have to take it; and you can use the time while they are making up their minds about you to make up your mind about USMA. You can also withdraw your application at any time, so I'm not sure what the downside is to completing it. I take it you have the nomination?
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    What about giving a senior military an idea? I hate to say it but waiting to the deadline for a top notch school is very risky not to mention you need letter of recs from elected officials which passed in late October of last year.
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    The biggest cons for me were that they did not accept dual-enrollment credits, and also the location
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    I think that statement sums it up.

    Whether it's the USMA or ROTC, the outcome is the same, you commission as a 2LT.

    Choose what makes you comfortable and where you see yourself having success, then don't look back and enjoy the ride.
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    It is notable that a side benefit of applying to a Service Academy as a qualified or competitive candidate is getting DODMERB done early.

    My DS was already DoDMERB qualified when he arrived to his ROTC batallion his freshman year and didn't have to sweat it out except for the APFT.
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    I am currently a Cadet at a service academy, former NROTC student. Yeah, there's pros and cons of both. It was nice not having to wear uniforms every day at ROTC, but I woke up earlier there than I do here (normally- the exception being I play on a team that requires a 345 wakeup in-season). Nobody was managing your every move and subdividing your entire day into when you do what, making sure you go to class, etc. On the other hand, I feel like I'm getting a much better professional education here. I know things about navigation as a 4/c that graduating ensigns didn't know in NROTC. These are just examples; the lists go on.

    The ROTC vs. Academy debate will always rage on, and as somebody already said, no matter which way you go you'll end up with one gold bar. It's about what you do and how you act after that that will make you a good officer or not.
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