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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Romad, Oct 12, 2011.

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    FYI - We're in the Southeastern AFROTC region and I spoke this morning to one of their reps at AFROTC HQ. He stated that the first board for them was in December this year. He did encourage early completion of packages though - first in - first up...

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    Just for new posters or lurkers. Regions don't matter, so don't assume that it plays into the equation. The board is national when it comes to selection, San Diego, CA and Portland, Maine candidates will meet at the same time if they met the requirements for board selection.

    The candidate from Terre Haute, Ind. has the same chance of getting a scholarship as the 2 I just mentioned.

    It is not like the AFA where the 1st decisions are based on geo-centric issues. It is the WCS and intended major that plays into the equation. College selection has no bearing. AFROTC is the only branch that the scholarship is tied to the ROTC unit.

    Romad is correct 1st in is 1st up.

    FWIW, I would expect this yr is going to be extremely unique for AFROTC. AFA last yr at a late time stated they were reducing the AFA class for 15.

    AFROTC and AFA do not "talk" for selection.

    TY AFA has already stated that the incoming class will be @ 1050, which is @10% less from 15, and @ 25% less than 14.

    That means a lot more TWE for AFA applicants, and the reality is 95% of AFA candidates apply AFROTC scholarship as plan B. However, AFROTC is not increasing their budget for scholarships.

    Stats will matter.

    Before posters go insane, AFA and AFROTC have a unique approach for PAR.

    AFA superscores SAT/ACT
    AFROTC is best 1 sitting. You can't mix and match

    AFA does not care about intended major for appointment
    AFROTC requires a major to be declared...Type 1 is 5%, and out of that 5%, 5% are NON-TECH. 10K awarded only 25 would get a Type 1 as a non-tech.


    Just because you got a scholarship, does not equate you can convert your major from Tech to Non-Tech once in the system.

    Chances are you have a better chance of buying a scratch off lottery ticket and win 500 bucks, than AFROTC allowing you to change.

    Understand that SFT is at a 55% and scholarship recipients do not get points for that board. It is gpa, PFT, AFOQT, and rec.

    The min gpa for scholarship is not the min for SFT, far from it. No SFT = revoking scholarship = no commissioning.

    Gaming it for the major may bite you 2 yrs later, now you have a life there, friends there, and as a rising jr. not selected for SFT, the loss of the scholarship is not only career in the military, but fiscal, and emotional.

    Good luck to all of you, I hope all of you get your dreams and wishes, and that my nervous nellie attitude will never be an issue.
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    First board is early December.

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