Fiscal Cliff and Sequestration

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by mitera, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Finally caught up on current events this weekend. Looks like we may be headed for some rough days ahead-with indiscriminate cuts to DoD-if Congress can't figure out this budget. My DS is a Rat at VMI on an out of state AROTC scholarship. I'm hoping for the best. He loves VMI and seems to be doing well (from the little that we hear from himi) :smile:. Does anyone know what happens with ROTC scholarships? Just trying to be prepared with a Plan B in the event of a financial emergency.
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    This is only my surmise, but it seems to me that the number of new scholarships will be reduced to account for a reduction in the size of the armed forces. I further expect, again because of reductions, that fewer people will get past certain cutoffs built into the various ROTCs (SFT for AFROTC, LDAC for AROTC, Advanced Standing and OCS for NROTC) as they will become more demanding in a further effort to reduce the number of junior officers. Eventually this will all level off. Further ROTC scholarships will not disappear, unless the military can supply enough junior officers from other sources (eg. Academies, OCS, PLC, etc). They have to take care of their seed corn.

    This scenario, of course, assumes sequestration remains in effect and the world remains relatively peaceful. I think both of these conditions are highly unlikely given the state of the Middle East.

    But then my wife says I'm a stupid idiot! :rolleyes:
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    Your DS is contracted, correct?

    If so, don't wrap yourself up into a ball. His scholarship is safe IF he fulfills his end of the contract.

    However, the minute he goes into the shades of grey, than plan B may need to be put into place.

    The thing to really consider is not the scholarship aspect, but since he is AROTC, his chances for getting selected AD. AF/NROTC cadets will go AD, there is no Reserve/Guard option.

    VMI is 1 of the 7 SMC's in the nation. The cadets/mids are pretty safe compared to a traditional college because they are an SMC.

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