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Feb 2, 2008
Hi all,

I am an applicant for the AFA class of 2013. I have two quick questions about the Academy and flying.

1.) If I want to become a pilot, do I have to major in something specific. I would really like to major in legal studies (not to become a lawyer). Can I major in this and still become a pilot?

2.) As a female, can I become a survaillance/reconnaissance warfare pilot. If not, what other flying options are not available to females?

Thanks for all of your help.:smile:
1. You can major in whatever you want and still fly. My ALO majored in economics and flew.

2. Females are not restricted from flying any aircraft.
I believe the only positions left in the AF that females are still restricted from serving in are Combat Controller Teams and Ground Special Forces Units. I'll have to look it up, as I'm curious myself....
Bullet is correct!
(WSO's usually are, although we front-enders hate to admit it) :biggrin:

Females are in ALL roles in our of the nastiest fighter pilots I've ever met in a fight was a young captain named "Fifi." She is an eagle driver...and her fangs and claws grow to immense proportions when she's in a furrball.

The AF likes to use her as a "role model" for all women and I'm sure she's "okay" with that...

But if you ask HER...she's a "fighter pilot" first and foremost. (If you want to read about her, look up Major Nicole Malekowski)

And we have HUNDREDS of other women in all roles; F-XX, A-XX, U-2, B-XX, etc...etc...they fly all aircraft and are no different from the guys. It just took a long time to get them into all the seats.

FYI...My wife was one of the early ones. She flew the KC-135; wasn't allowed any combat aircraft "back in the 80s."



Stephen E. Wood, Lt Col, USAFR
I have a picture of FiFi presenting my daughter with her appointment to USAFA. Was a very special night.
I really enoyed Fifi's presentation here a while back. Fun to listen to. However, she refused to tell us how she got her name! :)
Most of the versions cannot be repeated in a forum like this.