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Nov 3, 2007
For the students who play/participate in varsity sports, additional uniforms are required...warm ups, etc... who pays for all this? Some swimmers, for example, wear shark suits; do the academies provide these? Is it something that is billed to the cadet account, like another uniform? What about trips? Are there expenses with that we need to be prepared for? For example, swim and dive trains over Christmas in Puerto Rico (poor them!); does the school cover this?
I don't know about swim/dive, but son rows on the Navy crew and has had to pay for a couple uniform items. I hasten to add that someone -- Navy? NAAA? -- must have underwritten a huge portion of the cost, as his expenses were far lower than the uniforms we had to fund for our older son @ UCSB (where crew is a 'club sport' competing against other colleges' varsity teams).

Plebe son has only had one 'away' competition so far, when Navy bussed the teams to Princeton. He paid for his own food on a couple pit stops, but I will NEVER get over the spread USNA parents put on for the Mid's @ Princeton. None of the other 10 or 12 schools competing had anything close.
Daughter is a swimmer at USAFA. She has paid for a few things on her own. but most of the stuff was given to her. All of their trips - meets and training trips have been fully paid for in full. That included food and travel and room. Very little expenses for them!!!
WAR (Womens Army Rugby), a club sport, issues uniforms and gear at no charge to the cadet. On trips (including overnights) there is no charge to the cadet; everything is usually covered. The only thing my cadet paid for is when they would stop at rest stops, she would buy food.

I don't know what the other sports do.
Well, it seems that most of the gear etc. is paid for by the respective SA. I have been wondering about this myself because DS needs tons of new gear and I have put off buying anything - mostly because I didn't want to drop several hundred dollars!

I don't mind the paying for food so much on the road, though I suppose those expenses could easily add up too. That was great of the Navy parents to put on the spread for their mids.
I believe all of our son's basic stuff was supplied (sailing). If he wanted to upgrade anything, or supplement, then he had to pay for it himself. He was able to "midcharge" a few things however - IIRC.

My suggestion would be to see what is provided (& that could change from year to year), then if your son or daughter requires anything beyond that, see what is avaiable in the midstore (or whatever they call it at the other SAs). Prices are much better there for most things.

Good luck to all athletes!
All athletics at the SAs are under NCAA, so I imagine (not entirely sure) all the same comforts athletes of any other D1 school get are given to athletes at SAs. This includes free gear (uniform/warm-ups/few articles of extra team clothing), free travel, free rooming, minimal meal expenses. It might differ slightly since athletes at SA have stipends and whatnot, but that's merely my own speculation.

Most athletes (especially at the D1 level) are well taken care of by their respective athletic departments and parents are always happy to pitch in if they're in the area to provide food/drinks in support of their children.