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Forum Posting Rules - Please read before posting

Discussion in 'Community Information and Feedback' started by TacticalNuke, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. TacticalNuke

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    Jun 8, 2006
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    Service Academy Forums® General Posting Rules

    Here at ServiceAcademyForums.com, we constantly strive to make our discussion forums as informative, accurate, fun, and lively as possible while maintaining an environment that is also professional and respectful of the fact that applicants, alumni, and members of the Armed Forces come from all religions, ethnic backgrounds, social strata, and political orientations.

    The following are an evolving series of rules for conduct in these forums. Those who choose not to follow these rules may be warned, have their account temporarily suspended, or be permanently banned at the discretion of the Site Staff. Serious violations such as threats of violence or advocating illegal or criminal activities may be reported the proper authorities along with the offender's IP address.

    Please respect your fellow posters by conforming to the following rules:

    - Do not use derogatory comments of a racial, religious, or sexual nature. This includes in your posts, username, bio information, and signature line.

    - Do not post pictures or links to images which contain pornography, nudity, animal cruelty, racism, sexism, or extreme violence. This includes your avatar.

    - Do not post or link to information on how to violate the law.

    - Do not post comments or links in support of doing harm to a state or federal official, or advocating the overthrow of the government.

    - Do not post another member's personal contact information, including names, phone numbers, addresses, unpublished e-mail addresses, and other personal information.

    - Do not attack or insult a person in an effort to elicit a negative response. You have a right to disagree, but you must do so in a respectful manner.

    - Do not post topics or discussions with the desire to do the site or the community harm. This includes creating topics or posts meant to disrupt the site's day to day management, member resources, or the ability for the site to function normally.

    - Do not post repeat topics with similar or slightly varying titles. While it may seem funny, it results in problems for users and management. Multiple topics on important issues or discussions are acceptable. This requirement only applies to topics which waste resources for no other reason except personal enjoyment or attempts at humor.

    - Do not attempt to abuse or cause damage to the site or services by exploiting them. This includes the theft of bandwidth by linking site images to personal or high traffic websites.

    - Do not post advertisements or any other material meant to solicit sales or traffic to a commercial website or other commercial entity. All such violations will be cause for immediate and permanent banning.

    - Do not post links to similar or competitive websites. Links to non-competitive websites will remain present at the discretion of the site management.

    - Be mindful of your language. We understand that colorful language is a fact of military life, and while profanity will not normally be a concern, it will quickly become one if its use is excessive or extreme. Determining what is "excessive" or "extreme" will be the responsibility of the Moderators and Site Staff and their decisions in this regard will be final.

    - If you are here only to start trouble, please reconsider. This is a patriotic website where we love our country and hold the members of the Armed Forces in the highest esteem. While you are free to discuss and debate policy, tactics, trends, and so forth, posts which criticize the United States in general or the Armed Forces in particular may lead to a ban if the only reason for posting them is to insult or belittle. If you are not an applicant, parent, current SA student, or alumni, the latitude granted to you will be extremely limited.

    - The purpose of this site is not to discuss politics. Political discussions should be limited in context and scope, and our nation's elected officials respected at all times.

    - Some forums will have specific posting rules applicable to them. These rules will be found in a tacked thread in each applicable forum. Please follow those rules as well as those above.

    Please keep the following in mind:

    - This site is intended to allow Service Academy Candidates, Cadets, Midshipmen, their parents, and Alumni a little corner of the web in which to converse and share information and fellowship. However, it is open to all active-duty and reserve military members as well as all veterans, and for that matter anyone who has a sincere interest in the Academies or the Armed Forces and who wishes to find out more about them.

    - There are no First Amendment freedoms here. The owners of this site retain the absolute authority to edit or delete any post and to ban any member for any reason at any time.

    - Service Academy Forums® does not entertain requests to delete user accounts. Once an account is created by a user, it will not be deleted.

    - If you are having any issues with the site or with another member, we encourage you to contact any Site Staff or Moderator via PM and explain the situation. We will always strive to be fair and consistent in resolving problems, but please understand that the Owners have delegated authority over the forums to the Site Staff and Moderators, and that their word in such cases will be final.

    We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you find it an enjoyable and informative place to spend your online time. If you have any questions, suggestions, or issues, please don't hesitate to let us know.


    The Site Staff
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