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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by warrior21, Dec 17, 2011.

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    So i got a letter from West point a couple weeks ago saying that I was fully qualified but I didnt have a nomination and I needed one for nomination. I sorta slacked off on following up on the nomination, granted the representative and my senators didnt contact me like they said they would for an interview but to be fair I didnt contact them after i sent in all my material because time just escaped me. Anyways im wondering what fully qualified means? Does that mean if I get a nomination I automatically will be offered admission to west point or does it just mean that my grades and my physical test scores were at least good enough to still be considered?
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    Have your senators and congressmen already held interviews? Some don't interview til later. Contact the offices to see if the process is over. You have what's known as a "3Q" letter. However, without the nomination, you will not be considered for an appointment.
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    Fully qualified means that you are qualified academically, medically (DoDMERB) and physically (CFA). You will see this commonly referred to as being 3Q'd.
    To be eligible for an appointment, you must be 3Q'd with a nomination.
    BUT- being 3Q'd with a nom does not guarantee an appointment as there are more candidates 3q'd w/nom than there are slots in the class.
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    There will be many 3Qd applicants that do not receive the nomination. I strongly advise you to have a Plan B and a Plan C. The next deadline for Army ROTC applications is 3 JAN.

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