Go ARMY! Beat Navy

^^^^^^^^^^And you came on this forum of Navy guys asking for help??? I would take anything we tell you from now on with a grain of salt.
Go Army

Thank you Just_A_Mom. Your heart is in the right place. Great Video.
Hey - get outta here and don't talk to future cadets that way!!! :wink:

This is the Army forum!

QskDolCi - don't pay any attention to what any NAVY guy says this week - :thumb:

Thank you Just_A_Mom. Your heart is in the right place. Great Video.

Yep, had they shown the coed shipboard shower scenes, one of their favorites, it would have made an even better Navy recruiting film.
I have it from a very good source that the NAVY GOATS are very happy to be grazing on ARMY soil.
Ha Ha - :thumb:

You would think if those Mids were so smart they would have better "Goat Protection" - lol :shake:
The Spirit Videos will be available on the usma.edu website's home page on 11/28. If you haven't seen these before, I think you'll enjoy them.

Go Army!!!! :tank:

Incidentially, the Bill in the video looks a lot younger than the real Bill. Think perhaps the Woops got duped??
^^^ What a great prank! LOL

But can somebody explain to me why a terrestrial mascot (the goat) for a seagoing service branch?
In the early days of our Navy, before refirgeration, livestock would be on the ships to provide fresh meat, eggs, dairy products, etc. Goats were a favorite since they would eat anything. The chiefs kept an eye on these animals which is why, to this day, the chiefs quarters is called the "Goat Locker".

In 1893, sailors from the USS New York brought El Cid (The Chief) to the game. Navy won. El Cid became the Navy's first mascot.
Jamz, Thanks for covering my six. Great pic. Great airplane. Pity that only the Iranians are flying it now. I was at a book sale this past weekend and picked up a handful of “coffee table” F-14 farewell books to give to the kiddo for Christmas. The book is full of glossies and quotes. One of the quotes referenced one of the better Tomcat pilots who had been around since it’s intro into the fleet. One of his first flights was ferrying an aircraft from the factory to Miramar. They landed at Nellis to get gas. The F-15 was also just coming operational. The AF would not allow anyone below the rank of O-4 to fly it. So when they land at Nellis, the base general comes out to meet the aircraft, only to be met by two brand new Ensigns. I guess he was speechless. When they departed, they stuck it vertical as soon as the wheels cleared the deck. By the end of the runway they were at 20,000 ft and still accelerating. The tower operator came on the air and ask what kind of aircraft it was. The Ensign RIO replied, “It’s an F-15 Eater, baby.” And it was.

Anyhow, back to the story. This particular pilot who flew an amazing air show, was doing the same at Kalamazoo one weekend and was standing duty on the static display aircraft between flights. The Navy crew next door tells the story. They saw this particular pilot in a rather intense discussion with a 10 year old. The kid finally wanders to this next door aircraft and crew. He finally asks the question; “Hey mister, is what that pilot over there says true about Top Gun?” “What did he say?” “He says the movie is a fake, that no fighter pilot sweats in the cockpit and that they would never need a week to get laid.” “Yep, son, probably true. Just don’t tell your mom but be sure to come back and see us in about 10 years.”

Not going to give his name but he flies the airshow circuit now in an F-86.
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OK cute story -
but it is: :topic:

This is the USMA FORUM!!!

I do hope all the mom's of future Navy pilots read it. :wink: