Good GPA?


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Feb 18, 2009
To get into the academy what should my GPA be to be approved scholastically and what should my SAT/ACT scores be?
I was approved scholastically, although possibly at the lower end of the grades spectrum, here were my scores. 650 math 640 cr. 4.0 weighted gpa 3.9 unweighted
3.9 unweight is a good gpa. if thats low end then i need to pick it up
Here's what I think of scholastic qualification:

A- GPA, 1300+ M/CR = competitive candidate
A+ GPA, 1400+ M/CR = very competitive candidate
GPA is only a small part of the equation.

First, what courses are you taking? APs count more as do the "hard" math, science, English and language courses. A high GPA in low level courses won't count as much as a similar GPA in more difficult subjects/classes.

Second, what is your class rank? If you have a 3.7 but everyone else in your class has a 3.71 or better . . .

Third, how are your test scores? Again, they alone aren't determinative but are factored in with the above.

Fourth, how difficult is your school? Some schools are known for being very strong academically and standing a bit lower in rank at these schools may not hurt you.

As you can see, there is no one answer. You should always strive to take the hardest classes you can manage and do as well as possible in them. That's all you can do -- the rest will take care of itself.
1) I'm a freshman right now but im planning on taking my first AP (US History) but my school only allows 1 AP for sophmores

2) My school doesn't have class ranking

3) Again i'm a freshman

4) My school is 55th best academically in the nation

So i'm guessing this is pretty good?

I've seen folks (non-athletes) get appointments with sub-1200 SATs. And, I've seen folks with 1450 SATs NOT get an appointment. Ditto with grades and class rank. Academics are only one part of the equation -- albeit an important part.

All you can do is your best. If you're satisfied that you have done your best, then there is nothing more you can do.
It saddens me that a freshman in highschool would want to know what to do (or what scores they need) to get into an Academy. You are young, there is so much that you should be doing to find out about yourself. What do you like to do, what sports do you like, what clubs interest you? What classes do you like? Do you like to volunteer? What about a summer job? .....

If you answer these types of questions,and then follow through on what you enjoy, become a leader in the things that interest you and do your best academically you will have many choices open to you when you start applying to college.

Life is about having choices - make the most of your current spot in life and the rest will fall into place.
I've seen folks (non-athletes) get appointments with sub-1200 SATs.

Sadly, I am one of those people. You are right, SAT/GPA aren't everything. ^^^^^^ It's about making good choices. (Taking SAT for the 1st time during senior year is a bad choice.)
Sadly, I am one of those people. You are right, SAT/GPA aren't everything. ^^^^^^ It's about making good choices. (Taking SAT for the 1st time during senior year is a bad choice.)

You must have had some serious leadership/ extra curriculars then right? From other threads i know that you got an appointment, congrads, but if you dont mind me asking, what were some of the big parts of your application??
My son's GPA is only a 3.52 and his SAT scores were above average. It is true that the Academy is looking for well-rounded candidates with long term commitment in a variety of areas. It isn't just about the GPA and the SAT scores. It is a package deal. Of course you all need to be doing the best you can to push yourselves academically, but don't forget about leadership, athletic and community involvement, and maintaining high morals and work ethic. It is good you are thinking about how to improve yourselves in terms of statistics. There is a lot more to being a worthy candidate. Look for opportunities to improve yourselves in all areas and to round out the ideal person you wish to become. Best wishes to all of you. I am impressed with your desire to achieve.
aznarkarus, could you send me the same pm?

I am in a similar situation. :frown:
im not sure about some cases, but in my situation where I started applying really late due to my ignorance. Whenever I sent in my preapplication they immediately set up my BGO meeting since my ACT math score(only a 31) stood out to them. So they must look for just strong academics in the beginning.
aznarkus if you could send me a pm too that would help to see where I should try to be
could you send me a pm too if it is not a problem. I am just trying to amass all knowledge that can help me.