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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Mithrandir, Oct 18, 2015.

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    Medical Clearance
    We require a statement signed by a physician certifying that you do not have a communicable disease and that you are in good health, have good vision and are free of major dental problems.

    What exactly is good vision? I have Myopia with -4.00d on both eyes, does that hurt my chances in anyway?
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    I have the same problem, I have myopia with -3.25 and I too want to know if that will hurt my chances
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    It won't, it's not a DQ unless it's worse than -8.00 (as long as it is correctable). Might be useful for you to look up the regs...
    My eyes are -6.25 or so and nobody mentioned it.

    If you want to be a pilot, that's another story. (you can look up the regs on vision for pilots too, I'm pretty sure it's on the Academy Admissions website).

    As far as what is 'good vision' - Ask whoever required you to get that statement what 'good vision' is. I wouldn't say I have good vision, but that it is correctable to 20/20 easily with a pair of glasses.
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    Do not opt for eye surgery BEFORE you enter USAFA. They do it there and will not accept "outside" surgery (for pilots).
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    Fenceer just for clarification they do accept outside surgery for pilots.
    ~ ROTC and OCS pilots typically do the surgery prior to going ADAF. Even if the cadet in AFROTC is on scholarship, AF will not pick up the dime like they do for USAFA cadets. Thus, they will do it by an "outside" doc.
    ~~ They just don't want USAFA cadets to use an outside doc.

    The reason impo that you do not due it is most docs want to wait until you are around 20-21 years old because your eyes will still be changing until that time. This is why USAFA will send them during the time they are there.

    I do agree with everyone that you should not do this surgery at this time. Our DS was -2.25, but correctable to 20/15. He begged us for the surgery, even had done the research to find out that there was a doc here in our area that did the surgery on Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods. Bullet, his Dad, and also a retired F15E WSO told him flat out that you do not mess with your eyes unless you have too. He relented to his advice and did not have the surgery. At his FAA FC1 physical (junior year) for pilot training he was told that his eyes had indeed changed and he was not even a candidate for the surgery. He is now a C130 pilot.
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    Wait. The Air Force will do the surgery for you when you commit as a C2 as long as you qualify

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