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Nov 18, 2007
I am currently a sophomore and am not doing well in chemistry. I got a C last semester. The teacher i have told us he hates sophomores taking Chemistry so he would do everything in his power to make us regret our decision. I am battling depression and have found it very hard to concentrate on anything. I know that having a C in a science class won't look good to West Point, how bad will it affect my chances?
1 c in an honors class, with the rest being all advanced they won't kill you for it.

Are you on semesters? If so than you are probably coming up to your final...Hire a tutor. As long as you know you gave 100% and couldn't give anymore you'll be fine..

Remember it is the whole candidate, make sure you are taking the best course load that you can handle,(SAT/ACT is also a part of the equation) participate in EC's and do well in the CFA.

My DS received a C in Trig, (10th grade) at the Sen interview they asked him pt. blank about it..he answered honestly and said just didn't get it. I think the grade jumped out at them because he was in an advance Math ( Al I, GEO AND AL II were all A/B+) early and then he took discrete and statistics after that and pull A's. He is in Calc now. Thus, his transcript looked a little wacky, but they will excuse a bleep on the screen, lots of bleeps is a different story
I have another similar question I am in 10th grade too and freshman year I had C's in math and science I was in an advanced math class and a normal science class but I was wondering if they care about freshman year grades. This year I improved all of my grades and have all A's and a few B's
Improving grades

Everyone has struggles. Admissions loves to see individuals overcome adversity because it shows determination, grit and motivation, all good qualities for a leader. If you always made stellar grades it could just mean academics come naturally to you.

Don't worry about C's being a freshman. Showing a very good improvement speaks volumes. Make sure you keep it up and continue your success, it will only help you in later life.
I dropped calculus this semester because I got a B last semester... will that look realy bad as well?
You dropped for a B?? I would be thrilled to see B's in Calculus...what did you replace it with?
now I have a free period that I'm using to team up with a history teacher to create a Global Citizenship course for our school next year.
remember that its not just your grades they look at. they look to see how well rounded you are.
My oldest actually failed first semester Trig in the 11th grade -- mostly because he wouldn't ask for help. He knew USMA was what he wanted, so he made a plan. He withdrew from his regular high school and enrolled for his senior year at the alternative school in our district. He retook the full year of Trig, and then completed the course work for a full year of calculus and a full year of statistics, along with a regular load of other coursework. (This school allowed individiual, self-paced learning). By leaving his regular school he gave up all the perks and fun of "senior year" with his friends, for a bigger goal. He talked with his admissions officer at USMA about it, and all the nominating committees questioned him extensively. Everyone gave him huge kudos for recognizing a weakness and making sacrifices to overcome it. He ended up with an LOA early in the fall followed by nominations from all three member of congress. All is not lost because of a C -- just make sure you are doing everything you can to improve your grades as you progress. I would also suggest taking responsibility for your grade instead of making excuses for it. One of the nominating committee members told my son that a trait he looks for is strength of character... and that if you have never faced adversity of any kind, how do you know how you will react when it comes along?
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