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Mar 8, 2008

I am a senior in hs and have received a nomination from US Senator and Appointment letter received on 1/29/08 w/ conditioned on medical waiver. This week I received a letter from USNA senior med officer that my waiver has been denied. My medical condition is herniated disk with surgical intervention. That was 4 years ago. Since then I have fully recovered and have wrestled 60+ HS bouts in my jr and sr years. The DODMERB classification is D227.60. I was disqualified in the initial DODMERB report but for the USNA the instructions were to wait for the Academy and they will work on the waiver.

Now that the Academy has dq'd there anything else I can do?

Is my condition one that is never waivered?

Appreciate any advice or help.
If you had spinal fusion as part of the surgical intervention then I would say the chances of getting a waiver would be very slim.

The next step would be to make sure that the waiver authorities had all the medical information concerning the HNP and the surgical correction. If they do not I would mail it to DoDMERB, along with a letter explaining everything from the onset on back pain all the way up to today, detailing what you've gone through, as well as what activities you participate in and how the surgical correction of the HNP affects you now, if at all. I would also request that the waiver authorities review your package again.

If you have submitted all the medical information, but no letter, just do the letter.
I moved this over to the DODMERB forum. Seems to fit better here.

Good luck, wrestler. Having had a ruptured disc myself while at NAPS, but not having had it actually FIXED (discectomy, not a fusion) until 9 years later, I know some of the pain you've gone through. It bloody well sucks. :frown:
Wrestler, have you had any change in your status since your first thread?
U do realize it was 2 years ago and wrestler prob doesn't use this site anymore...:thumb: And again, waivers on granted on a case-by-case basis:thumb: