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Nov 25, 2007
Hello all,

I joined earlier this week, but I wanted to stop in to say hello. I'm a graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy. It's amazing how much you actually forget just a couple of years out, but I haven't forgotten it all, you if you have any general service academy questions for a junior officer, I will do my best to answer them. Of course, if you have any specific CGA questions, I'm better suited to answer those questions, as well as "life after CGA" questions.

I'm the Assistant Operations Officer on a Reliance Class cutter. I've participated in Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations, Search and Rescue, Homeland Security Ops, and Fisheries, from Maine to Florida. If you're ever assigned to a CG cutter on the east coast, you'll be able to say the same thing.

If you have any questions let me know, but I may "patrol" the CGA board.

Line in the Sand
Welcome Aboard!!

Glad to have you here and have a real life Coast Guard point of view! :thumb:
OOO OOOO *Jamzmom raises her hand* I've got about a billion questions for you LineInTheSand!! First, a most gleeful welcome to the forum. Will try not bombard you all at once due to my excitement in seeing a real live CG guy. I've got a Coastie Wanna-be who I know would love to do about an hour sit down face to face with you! He's going active duty CG out of KP & is wanting to be on the east coast in a bad way. Charleston or Savannah sector is a dream for him. He tells me that alot of people are telling him he'll end up inspecting ships. Of course these are MSC guys who are heavily recruiting him. :smile: Has him all in a lather because he wants to do exactly what you are doing. So how hard it is to get an assignment like this on this side of the coast just fresh out of the academy?
I am new to the forum, I have been an ADAF/DW for 19 yrs. with h since his college days---pinned on the butter bars. H is a flyer so if anyone has ?'s on that feel free to contact, he'll give you the ups and downs, no pun intended on what the world is like. :smile:
Ah! So the Shallow-Water Navy finally shows up! :biggrin:

Welcome, LineInTheSand. Glad to have you here to offer another perspective.

You wouldn't happen to know any USCG officers who graduated USCGA in 1991 and NAPS in 1986, would you? I'm afraid we all lost touch after we graduated in Newport. :frown:
Jamzmom, going afloat is not hard at all. There are a good number of billets open in this area. Unfortunately, many of these billets go to CGA grads so OCS grads have a harder time picking them up. My current housemate was an OCS grad who made it too a cutter. Your KP friend would be coming from Direct Commission Officer school (where they send someone from another branch to learn some CG specific info before they head out to the fleet, I believe, but he should have a very good shot at getting it.

To tell you the truth I have a friend from Kings Point who is graduating this year. He was on the football team, and was able to join my cutter for an entire patrol. He also applied for a commission in the CG. Any idea if this is the same guy?

Zaphod, actually my current commanding officer, CDR Flynn is a CGA '91 grad, who was also an exchange cadet at USNA.
Naw. The particular kid I'm speaking of is my very own & he will graduate in 09 ( I hope I hope I hope). He has mentioned the football guy you speak of so I believe he knows him. My kid had been working on getting a CG ops going at KP. Did all the paper work, design of the program, ect. but its grown kinda quiet on KP's end. Guess they've lost interest from what I can tell. Son did tell me that after he accepts a commission at graduation, he'll go on to CG specific training but I gotta tell ya, I like the way you'd explained it better than his version. Getting more info out of him is a challenge these days. The new girlfriend gets all the conversation these days. Good thing I like her else I'd have to run her off. :biggrin: He told me at the Thanksgiving break that all KP kids have to sail or go active duty. No more shore-side jobs involved in the obligation requirements. Not that it mattered to him as CG was his goal but I would bet there will be more CG commissions coming out of KP in the upcoming years due to the changes. Btw, was the KP guy on your cutter doing his internship with you guys?