happen to anyone else?


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Aug 4, 2008
i had an interview with my ALO about 4 weeks ago and all went well. when i told him that i was not accepted into the USAFA summer seminar, he said that he thought he seen my name in a list where applications to the seminar were lost or unaccounted for. i was confused, because i wanted to take the opportunity to go to the seminar to visit USAFA before i go much further with the application process. so, i was wondering if this happened to any other candidates or ALO's to whom my ALO regarded as "competitive" yet someone somewhere along the lines lost your application to the seminar. i was kinda cheesed when i got the news, but oh well.
thanks :smile:!

I've never heard of this and I've been an ALO for 13 years.

The online system for Summer Seminar is rather "simplistic" but as you found out, a very involved process. But once you put your information into the system, I don't know how they could "lose" it.

However...I don't know that it's "not" possible. I can ask my "bosses" up the line for more information on this but again, I have not heard anything about any lost app's.

But don't let NOT being selected determine for you whether or not you're interested. The odds of being selected for SS is quite low actually. More folks that attend the academy are NOT selected for SS than are.

Please feel free to query me about anything about the academy if you are unable to get the answer from your ALO.

Best wishes!

I was not accepted, because i had low SATS then D: still kinda do, cant wait to take it again. I heard SS is a joke, thats what others are saying, but anyways my ALO said I would do great at the Academy, just need higher SATS
flyersboy114 said:
I heard SS is a joke

Hmmmm... That's kinda disappointing to hear that you heard that... Not sure where you heard this from or from who. But I can guarantee that it wasn't a joke. It provided a great insight for the AFA and allowed for a multitude of questions to be answered, both by asking and by doing.

As I'm sure you know, SS isn't a sure way into the academy, but people that went learned a lot and can probably share a lot also. Best of luck!
flyersboy114 it is too bad you were not able to attend Summer Seminar. I would tell you that I am pretty sure it is not a "joke". It is an opportunity for the candidate to see the Academy and get a small taste for what the Academy is like. It can in no way replicate your doolie year, but you can see the living conditions and other facilities in a way you otherwise would not be allowed. It is true that Summer Seminar is not a guaranty of admission, but it doesn't hurt. I hope you do well with your Candidate package and things work out for you.
I'm sorry, I stated that wrong. I heard SS for the naval academy was a joke. XD I meant to type that lol but this stupid keyboard in my computer class hardly works. Anyways, on some USNA forums they say it doesn't even give you a feel for academy life, but a CVW(candidate visit weekend) really gives you a feel for the academy. Does USAFA offer an opportunity like that besides orientation day?

P.S. Thanks for wishing me luck guys, I'm doing some hardcore SAT prep stuff for two weeks till I take it again. Then I will prob take the SAT again in December.
Yes you can make an Ac/Year visit, These are done during the week and an overnight can be arranged. You will get to shadow a Cadet for the day. You will get to attend classes, and the lunch meal. If you stay overnight you will be able to eat dinner and attend any training sessions. The Cadet you shadow should be a 4* in order to understand that experience. This will also allow that cadet and his table to be at rest for meals. I will PM you with more information.
Last November, one of my twins went on a recruiting trip to AFA and stayed for two nights with a young man on the fencing team. That was really helpful in his decision to attend AFA, much more so than Orientation was to his brother. Twin A felt that he got to have the "real" food, see how the team really practiced, attended classes without a ton of other cadets who were lookers/see-ers. I would recommend the overnight visit to anyone, especially if it is not during Orientation.