Has anyone ever been required to send senior year transcripts after appointment?


May 19, 2019
Hi all, so I have been offered a letter of appointment today, and was trying to remember how much of my h.s. transcript I have sent to USNA. I think it was only up to 6th semester, so I haven't sent anything from senior year. Will I be required to send 7th, or even 8th semester grades? Also, I want to make sure, I only do so if they tell me to, right?
Closer to I-Day they will request final transcripts for all who have accepted their offers.
You will need to send them after the school year is over and final grades registered at the high school. They want to make sure an appointee's hard work continued during senior year, that the appointee remained focused, and there was no slacking off, especially in the last semester of high school. I am in NO way implying that you were slacking.
Our son was asked to submit his 7th, and his counselor advised he will need to send his final. An appointment was offered 14 Jan.
They want transcripts to confirm you completed high school and didn't "tank" (fail a bunch of courses at the end).

Before everyone panics, this means you didn't finish with a bunch of Ds and Fs -- or just left school altogether. While senioritis/cruise control (i.e., dropping a letter grade in a course or getting a few Cs at the end) is obviously not desirable, it won't affect your appointment.
I may not recall perfectly, but it seems to me that USNA didn't care about anything after that 6th semester (through junior year), with my DS.
If they got any transcripts (from his senior year), it was in the background without his knowledge.