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    I’m class of 2022 and will be patiently waiting to hear back about appointment (hopefully) within the next few months. I know I am a very “average” candidate in terms of the applicant pool as a whole and I was wondering if West Point will inform me if I will not be receiving appointment? I know their rolling admissions often times is still accepting candidates all the way into April and May, so does West Point ever let you know if you will not be considered for appointment or do I just wait for months on end and maybe or maybe not hear back about appointment? Btw I do have a nomination and am medically and academically qualified (but no 3Q letter for I’ve finished my application just this week with DOMERB)
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    Yes they will. You will receive a TWE or thin white envelope if you do not receive an appointment. I believe it will also show in portal but it is a letter that is mailed to you