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Jan 16, 2008
Hello. My son has decided to pursue applying to USNA. He has wanted to do this for quite awhile. For his 12th birthday he wanted to tour the USNA and we did. Then over break we made another visit and he decided that this is definately want he wants. He is a junior in high school, plays varsity sports, several instruments, does a lot of mission work and work with his youth group and leads his school's FCA. He is doing well in his classes and appears to be headed in the right direction. From what I understand we have a lot of paperwork to do in the coming year.:eek:
Welcome to the forum! There are a lot of steps to follow to gaining admission to the USNA but by starting early (like your son is doing :thumb:) and by following the directions on the USNA website and your Senator's and Congressman's websites, it is achievable. You are in for a fun ride :biggrin: !
Welcome aboard, popeyesmom. Sounds like your son has a solid foundation towards what the SAs are lookng for (academics, sports, ECs). Keeping our fingers crossed for you.

And you are correct, the next year or so will be one full of "oh-so-fun" days "chasing the paper trail". My recommendation for you, start working on possessing a combination of the following: the patience of Job, the computer skills of Bill Gates, the understanding of the young, worried mind of Freud, the wisdom of Plato, and the liqour cabinet of Dean Martin. :wink:

Actually, the application part to a SA can be done in a relatively short time (couple of weeks in our S's case). It's getting all the other requirements (DODMERB exam and paperwork, letters and applications to Congressmen, essay writing, and the miriad of other details) that take up the majority of your time. Then there is the "waiting for news" part that finds most of us parents staying up at night posting on sites like this. The good news is that I received 3 XMas cards from three distillerys in Kentucky this year! (jk)

Glad you found this site. I'm sure you'll find it as helpful and enlightening as the rest of the parents (like myself) who frequent here hoping to help their children get thier dreams.
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Speaking of paperwork...

Less than a month before 2008 NASS applications can be submitted! My d had a great time last summer, and she recommends it to anyone who can gain acceptance and has the means to get there.