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May 5, 2007
Hi! Migrating from the CollegeDiscussion Boards, invited by Tactical Nuke. West Point grad, c/o 06, cannot wait for the end of May and my official assumption of the title of "Old Grad." Stationed in Korea, MP, Army Brat.

Areas of Expertise
Threatening letters concerning academics from the Admissions Office, the second semester of your senior year.:eek:
Being a girl at West Point.
Married and in the military.
Surviving West Point.
Applying from overseas.
The geography department.

Any questions? Just ask!
Welcome to the site. Thank you for coming over and offering to share your wisdom. :thumb:

Welcome aboard. I am positive that you will add a lot to the site.

Caution: Just ignore all my Woop comments. We really do love y'all.
Bzzzt! I want to wish you welcome from many miles away! You're insight to those interested in WP has always been priceless. Thanks for sharing your time!
Welcome - I am really excited to see you join us over here!