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Aug 2, 2006

Nice new forum design, looks like something youd find on an air force forum
I'm glad you like the new forum style. I decided it was time to get away from the default style.

This is one of the changes made possible by member donations.

Must be my age, but this style is a lot harder on my eyes. I like the old style a lot better!
You can select the old style from the Quick Style selector in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

Also, since the text is smaller it may be helpful to increase text size on your browser.
Wow, I leave for an hour and a half and everything gets turned upside down! I had to look at the URL about 4 times to make sure I was on the correct page!

Nice look!
I did a double take too!

Well, it's different! I'll give it some time (for me to adjust).
I'm getting used to it myself, so I understand that.

Like I said though, if you like the old format you can select it from the drop-down and use that instead.

I'll be looking into perhaps another skin for those who do not find this one appealing.

Thanks for the feedback.

Also go to this link:


And under miscellaneous options you can set the Default skin as your default skin, so you don't have to change it in the drop-down. This way each time you visit that option will be saved.

The new one is going to require a Tylenol chaser. :eek:
Serioulsy though - it looks nice, but is difficult on the eyes. I will try to use an increased font or follow instructions to use the old one.

If I didn't have to actually read it I think it is pretty!
I'm reverting back to the old one as the default. I'll work with the new skin and for now you can select it per the instructions in the Forum Information post.
Now, what are the isssues with the new skin, so I can understand what the problems are.

Is it just the text size or is it the color scheme or something else?
It was mostly text size. The color scheme wasn't great, but not horrible.