How are my chances for an NROTC-MO Scholarship?


Nov 4, 2015
Last year I posted on the forums asking for advice regarding my chances for an NROTC scholarship . I have resumed the process for applying for the Regular Board (I had to delay my interview/PFT due to a stress fracture during CXC season), and would like a general idea of my chances this time.

My SAT-R is 1450/1600 and my ACT is 34 (I overshot my projected scores). I've taken AP World History (4), AP Euro (5), AP U.S Government (5), and am taking AP Environmental Science, IB World History, and AP Calculus. My Weighted GPA should be around 3.3, with a 3.95 this semester; however, my school does not weight and as a result I will likely instead have a cumulative UW GPA of 2.98 (How badly will this hurt me?). I will be applying as an IR major.

I managed to secure my letters in cross-country and track, and have been running mock PFT's, scoring consistently in the 270-285 range. I hold an officership position in a school club, and worked as a political volunteer during the election season. I also held a position in the school newscast as a news broadcaster and video editor.

If it also matters, I reside in Michigan and am Asian-American. I listed my schools as Mizzou, Nebraska-Lincoln, Eastern Michigan, Miami University, and Univ. of South Carolina.

Tough to say, I've responded a number of times to other posts stating my personal experience. I had a 23 ACT, 3.2 Highschool GPA but a 292 PFT and a boatload of extracurricular's and leadership positions paired with community service, and I still had to wait to get a 3 year. I've seen people with lower ACT's than me (yes a minimum 22) and lower GPA's with less extra curricular activities be selected and others that outscore me in every category still be denied. The MO scholarship is weird, it's tough to say however it seems to be a pattern with those that get selected regardless of their stats, that the officers can really tell who has the passion to want to lead Marines. That is what will make you stand out.
Your ACT score of 34 is great and when I first read your "chance me" I felt you were a slam dunk. Then ... that 3.0 GPA (I assume that is a B average 3.0/4.0). Yes your gpa will be your downfall, but you are still have a shot. Your interview will be very important in their evaluation.
Here is a post regarding my son's journey through the process:

Main point is that stats are only a part of it...some would probably argue a smaller part than what one would think. The essays and interviews are very important. I also included a link in that post from an officer friend that used to sit on the boards.

To update my son's journey...

He is a 2nd Class midshipman now. He is the captain of the rifle team and has held various leadership billets. He was assigned to take the ASTB for a possible flight contract this last year -- and received a flight contract.
Don't worry about the GPA. Nothing you can do now anyway. In any case they'll take your GPA, understand the advanced course load you had and reswizel it to their own weighted GPA. They're looking at the whole person and not one aspect. Also, academics are probably not as important for Marine Option as for Navy Option, but that's JMPO.