How did u decided your screen name


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Nov 28, 2007
This might exist somewhere else, so if it does...MEA CULPA! Some names are self explanatory some need a little background.

Someone asked about my h's call sign and I will leave it to him to explain it.

My screen name is an acronym that Bullet (DH) gave me in an argument. I told him he was being ANAL (must be that military brainwashing...yes, he pulls out the ruler to measure his medals before he puts them on)...anyway, he responded by saying "well your are a PAIN IN MY A**". I am going to call you PIMA.

We both laughed so hard that the fight was over. I now have on my license plate. DMV actually asked him what does it mean...he told them "Beautiful in Italian" they bought it

Now when we get into a heated debate feel free to say Pima you areally are being a PIMA.

So how about what's your story:shake:
The Coast Guard has had a commercial out about the Coast Guard being the Shield of Freedom. It has different Coasties saying things like "I am the port in the storm" of them is "I am the Line in the Sand." I used it on a different website and stuck with it.
PIMA - :yllol: I love it! I may have to steal that one to call my hubby!

I think mine is self-explanatory...I am a mom and I live in Washington state. The 68 is my birth year.
Well, my name is ironic and will make many a squid happy. ;)

Back when I first got e-mail (and played online games) in junior high, both USAFA and USNA were my top choices for college. I even did a school report on the Tomcat and the Hornet. Always wanted to fly one of them and Hornet Guy seemed to flow. It's stuck ever since and I have no shame that I'm a zoomie with a navy screen name. :)
Are you joking aout 68 (military joke) or are you actually 68 in the yr?

H will probably kill me for asking?
I think she meant she was born in 1968...

Guess how many sons I have??
My Bad I meant born in 68, not 68 yrs old.

My insinuation @ H killing me is @ the military joke
Hornetguy - I always wondered about that!!
Guess how I picked my name? lol

I created it for this forum - when I first came here I was just a mom looking for DoDMERB help - (Many Thanks- RetNavy!!) :thumb:

My emails and facebook are all different - I have been running around the internet for so long I sometimes have a hard time finding myself!
So hornet what will you change your name to if you get your dream plane?
My Bad I meant born in 68, not 68 yrs old.

My insinuation @ H killing me is @ the military joke

Yep, I was born in 1968. Now I am curious, what is the joke? Send me a pm if it isn't fit for a public forum. :wink:
I don't think I will change it, I've been hornetguy online for so long I wouldn't feel right! :) Plus, it will be a fun story telling people about the name when I really fly the X-XX. :)
I used to role play RPGs on boards back when I was in 6th and 7th grade. This was my character's name. I used to love writing so much when I had to construct a storyline. :rolleyes:
^^^ Ummm..... Yea, self explanatory. However I am a retired Cryptology Tech, Navy, hence the lightening bolt and feather from the rate patch.
Yeah, mine is pretty self expanatory also. My name is Dave Bartlett and the year I was to go to USNA is 2014. Also, my dad was called Barts in college so I figure I'd try to pick up the name.
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Hey Hornet, please keep in touch with us after you get to your 1st base, b/c I am sure that call sign will change (Pima talking)...Don't think the AF will take kindly for a call sign involving navy jets :shake:
Bullets' call signs have range from heat to sauce to bullet. Bullet has been the one that he has for years.
My screen name comes from an old Indian legend passed down from generation to generation... I just can't remember it all right now.

Oh well.
Merry Merry :smile:

Zach after the holidays you need to at least give us the part you remember.

Bullet and I and our family wish you and yours a happy holiday season!
Will do Pima...I'm slightly afraid of what I'll end up getting as a call sign! :)
My screen name is more of general being, Having 3 brothers all 2 years apart, looking the same, and being the youngest while going to the same schools, I am basically am known (as are the others) as just Cuga. However, for my parents when we were little devils, I'm just R for Ryan, J for my bro Justin, Andrew A, and Alex = Jay (middle name). Thus, with my parents hard memory, we now just all use the first two initials. Everyone else really don't see us together, so we are all just called Cuga.

Nicknames however, Little Cuga, Cuga, Ka Cooga, or Cougar
I only have one teacher who calls me Ryan. In fact, a kid on the track team was surprised after 2 years to finally learn that my first name was Ryan (just never use my first name too much)
Not too original... pretty much stole it from Ace Combat 6... where the main fighter pilot guy's callsign (cs) is Blaze.

I dunno, I just think that would be a sweet callsign..