How do you know DoDmerb read/ received info


Apr 20, 2018
i have posted on here earlier about our DS situation. It’s s LONG story but now I am wondering if the AFROTC body actually has been reading any of the medical information we have been faxing to their main fax number all spring / summer.
We started this process last fall with application to USAFA and had a “ medical technician “ who we googled and found out was a nurse. This gentleman Listed 3 medical disqualifiers that he read from medical records we sent in from PCP visit age 12. My husband and I are doctors and can’t believe a nurse would infer some of these things from the medical record.
We have sent ALL kinds of records from PCP , Naval Graduate specialist, etc, all refuting the “ alleged “ disqualifers.
Is it possible the documents are still going to the USAFA route and not the AFROTC route? How do you even know if they read or received them, DoDmerb site doesn’t list anything in detail.
To top it off , we went back to the main DoDmerb page and see that as of May 2018, they have a new medical technician assigned to our DS by his alphabetical assignment. No personal email to let us know, nothing
. This is the worst service ever.
Calling and emailing today to see if anyone with any medical intelligence actually reads this stuff!
Of course we emailed Larry Mullin and he graciously responded but said only send “ new medical information “. How many times do you need to prove you are normal?
In dispair, as it feels like there is no advocate or ability to have a conversation with anyone about his.