How long do i have to wait?

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    I am a senior in high school and I came into the process late last year in my quest to attend a service academy. I was a little too late to obtain a nomination so the big three were not options. I did the best that could and was awarded a 4 year NROTC scholarship to the University of Florida(Accepted), and denied AFROTC(before i upped my test scores). I do not want a traditional college experience, so I will be applying to all of academies and trying to craft the most competitive package I can.
    I came into my senior year with relatively minimal sports(as I had been at an unhealthy weight for most of high school)
    I marched two years of competitive summer drum corps, my second year placing 7th internationally.
    I was a drum major and officer in the Band(3 years).
    I am in NHS heavily and involved.*
    I made the Varsity Track team this year and I will most likely earn a letter.
    I picked up tennis.
    To do all of this I lost a total of 75 lbs(healthily through diet and exercise and kept it off over the past two years).
    I have 100+ community service hours.
    I co-founded an American Cancer Society: Relay for Life team and so far we have raised almost $800 through personal fundraisers spanning about 6 people.

    My question is: if I am vigilant, retake my SATs in may(my more weak part of my credentials), and apply for nominations as soon as my congressmen and senators open their doors, do I still have to wait until the end of my first semester in college to submit my entire package?
    I want to nail the process as well as I can, unlike this current cycle.
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    You can apply to your MOCs as soon as they open their applications. Due to the Jan. 31 cutoff to submit slates, they are unlikely to require submission of your college grades. Can't say this is universally true, but I would be surprised if they waited for those to make their decisions.

    For USNA, you can submit all of your packet as early as you want once the cycle for the Class of 2018 opens. However, USNA won't make a decision until they receive your first semester grades.
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    First of all, congratulations on the NROTC scholarship and acceptance to University of Florida! Second, congratulations on the weight loss - I'm sure that was not easy. As for next year's application, yes, get those MOC apps in as soon as possible. I know this year the deadlines for applying to all 3 MOCs (we are in FL, too) was in September. Their decisions were made before 1st semester grades would be available. Get everything submitted to USNA as well (it might be wise to do as much as possible this summer before you go to college so that you don't have that to do on top of everything else), and then when your 1st semester grades are out, you can send them. Who knows? Maybe you'll decide to stay with NROTC, but at least if you get everything in on time, you may have another option.
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    I strongly recommend you read 1985's recommendations for re-applying candidates at the beginning of the Naval Academy forum; it has tons of solid information in a very straight-forward manner. There may be minor changes from class to class, but the basics are there for your use. Best wishes in your second time through... I covered the same turf more than 50 years ago, and although the ego was bent a bit, there was no lasting ill effect - none of my classmates made an issue of it, as a matter of fact, I had gone to prep school with more than 50 of my future classmates, and that was only part of the "older" contingent of the class. Do your absolute best to be your best!

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