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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Bknights001, Feb 15, 2015.

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    I completed the last part of my application (optical exam) this past Wednesday (11th) and received an email from the doctor's office later that day basically informing me that I had been cleared. I was also cleared from the medical and assume to be cleared for physical and academic as well. My liaison officer informed me that I had received the principal nomination from my district, however my MOC never necessarily mentioned it and according to one of the other posts someone from my district has received an appointment. Should I be worried that I haven't received a call from my MOC informing me of an appointment yet? The anxiety is a handful, especially after seeing someone else post about my district. When should I be expecting some kind of feedback?
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    So you just completed your file? You haven't been before a board yet as your file has been incomplete. How can your MOC inform you of an appointment if your file wasn't complete? You have no idea if the other person in your district had multiple nominations or an LOA. You should give the system time to run its course.
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    1. MOCs don't always call to inform people of appointments.
    2. You don't know who the other person receiving an appointment in your district was charged to. Their appointment may have been charged to a Senator, or perhaps even the President.
    3. You may not hear one way or the other until April, or even later in some cases.
    4. Patience
    5. Patience
    6. Patience
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    The doctor's office doesn't give out medical qualifications. If it's not showing in your portal as qualified, than you aren't medically qualified yet. DoDMERB has to review it all first and then pass word to USMA of your status and then USMA has to update your status for the admissions committee to consider you for an appointment.

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