How many times did you apply for USNA before getting an appointment?


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Feb 5, 2017
I am a high school student and am very interested in attending USNA. I know that it is very competitive, and was wondering how many times it took you to get an appointment. I was also wondering how many times it took to get a nomination. Thanks!
There will be “many” different answers to your questions. There is a book titled “The Naval Academy Candidate Book”. It served my DS & DD well. Along with their resources to the Academy itself and the book they managed to get most of their questions answered. I’m a former enlisted guy so I limit my guidance and insight to their journey. As a parent I found this forum helpful because I really tried to stay out of what they were doing. Instead of asking them questions I would come here.

Oh yea, I was good for something; I Payed for the book.

Good luck!
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It really depends on where you live and who else is applying in terms of nominations and appointments. There are areas that are historically more competitive but that changes year to year. I have seen districts that have 4-5 really strong candidates and also seen districts where there is just one candidate who meets the averages of the class profile. It also depends on what sort of nominations you are eligible for.

You should read around the forums and get an understanding of how the process works. Reality is that this is not a National Competition and you are competing only against the individuals you share a nomination with.