How to be Competitive in ROTC

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Jul 30, 2019
For class rank how does it work if one has a tier 1 major (I.e. engineering, chemistry, etc.) VS one with a major like business or economics? Since STEM majors would likely have lower grades/GPA… what if someone is double minoring/majoring? Is this taken into consideration?


May 28, 2020
It's definitely taken into account, I remember someone telling me that each tier is worth .2 gpa points (i.e. 3.1 tier 1 = 3.5 tier 3) but don't quote me on that (I'd imagine this could also change between schools, as at some schools above a 3.0 in some majors is nearly impossible). Class rank isn't an exact science and particulars will depend on your PNS and what they value. You could always ask your advisor how you ur unit approaches GPA, they'll have a more informed answer for you than anyone on this forum could.

PS: Chemistry and some kinds of engineering are tier 2, not tier 1


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Mar 15, 2017
Double majors are not taken into consideration as they are optional and so the thinking is if you want to personally take that up, you better be able to handle it.

For ranking for ship selection there is a factor multiplier. IE: Tier 1 is ranked 1.0x, tier 2 is ranked a little less (can't find exact but like .9 maybe?) and .8 for tier 3.


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Nov 27, 2017
... as at some schools above a 3.0 in some majors is nearly impossible.
Overall I liked your post but on this point above, eeish, I respectfully disagree. That's not correct. Talk with your Dept. Chairs and ask what the GPA ranges are in their programs, and you'll learn that there are people in the toughest majors at the schools hardest to get good grades at, who excel. I went to a top ranked school, and saw similar defeated / determined in the wrong direction attitudes predetermine a lot of my peers having far lower grades than they were capable of. Many of them were honestly far more naturally intelligent than me, and came from even better schools than I had, and I outperformed them, quite often. Why? Attitude, grit, scrappiness, determination, resolve - game changers.

Honestly too many people get comfortable with lowering of a bar with regards to the challenge of top programs. Conversely no need for people to take a swan dive off the highest library floor or into the Ithaca gorge either if they get less than an A in college courses after knocking the cover off the ball in HS (both happen). But one's attitude can determine your success maybe more than some realize.

If one decides something is impossible, it will be, and visa-versa. So decide where you need to be and work to get there.

Good luck.