How'd it All Start?

On behalf of my son (USNA c/o 2020), I'd like to also thank tacticalnuke and all the others who have made - and continue to make - this forum possible. My son relied heavily on information gleaned from this site during his application process, and he often said he might not have made it without the sage wisdom he found here.
Of course people know who he really is, and of course some of us realize what you are getting at with that statement. About two minutes of research would reveal that. This place is an LLC run without a Registered Agent, a.k.a. totally public information.

I wasn't insinuating anything hahaha, I was just joking. I know it's a public forum.
Uh ... 5 enter 12 times

A ridiculous way to enter equations

Suffered the same fate as Betamax
Hah! Stupid me. I originally invested in the LP size recording discs. I don't even remember what they were called! I sometimes wonder how long Blue-Ray DVD technology will last.
I remember filling a bag with punch card "chads," slipping the open end under someone's dorm door and jumping on the bag. Geek version of 52-card pickup. Good times.

"Back in the day," I was certified by Bell Labs to teach System V and Bourne shell programming. My kid is fluent with Linux, but not the same thing.

(Sorry, I get excited when I see the word "UNIX" anywhere.)
'Computer programming for engineers and scientists'. My one and only computer class at Michigan State. Punch cards, mainframes, and waiting at three in the morning to run our stack of cards to see if our FORTRAN logic had worked, since undergrads were way down the priority list for computer availability.
ALGOL W at U of M (Go Blue!) for me, @eljay60, and I was an English major. How I ended up in tech for 35 years is beyond me. I wanted to be a ballerina.
Oh my God. FORTRAN in the middle of the night with punch cards. I can still see Stonehenge ceremony.
Oh my God. FORTRAN in the middle of the night with punch cards. I can still see Stonehenge ceremony.

The blood ceremony only occurred if the card got wedged in the punch machine…
Ahhhh... FORTRAN and punched cards... brings back memories of young love... Years later (of course) I worked with kids who didn't know what a punched card was... or that a punched card was the original Palm Pilot.
Cobol, Snobol, Algol (Burroughs 6700), Fortran, AP/L, PL1, Basic...

TOO Many in high school and then the academy! Punch cards, late night runs, and the 100' long "SYNTAX ERROR!" codes...

Yeah, 50 years from now people will be saying ha, could you believe they watched movies on LCD screens and drove gasoline powered cars? most advanced cell phone was something called a "smart" phone from Samsung? must have been the STONE AGES