Political preferences / headlines aside: Manning was convicted for stealing and releasing to Wikileaks 700K+ pages of classified info...stuff that actually harmed national security. He/She/? just had a 35 year sentence commuted by President Obama, indicating that the crime was no big deal. This is the same President that just sanctioned Russia for stealing and releasing documents from John Podesta to Wikileaks, and has really stoked multiple news cycles about it, as well as various congressional hearings/investigations. What the hell? Are leaks ok or not? Are only certain people allowed to steal info? What' the message here? I can't WAIT until Jan 19....not a huge fan of Trump, but Obama has been a disaster IMHO.....
Obama has his final press conference tomorrow. I'm sure this topic will come up. Should be interesting to hear the explanation.
I will start by saying that I think the sentence should have been changed to execution.
But, actually none of the material was classified higher than secret.
The sentence imposed was far greater than in similar cases (albeit those were not for active duty military personnel).
I think the transgender thing was a contributing factor. I don't think the Army wanted anything to do with the transition process.
That and the multiple suicide attempts make for a PR nightmare. Sooner or later next 35 years (insert pronoun here) would have succeeded.
Good riddance.
Now it is looking like it may have been part of a deal to get the wikileaks guy.
Puts a spin on it.
Now it is looking like it may have been part of a deal to get the wikileaks guy.

If you are referring to Julian Assange's offer to be extradited to the US if Manning were to receive clemency, Assange has already said no deal. Maybe Assange's new Chief US Spokesman, Sean Hannity, can clarify the offer.
someone needs to stuff him a bag and bring him here, or to Gitmo.
same with Snowden.
I like them just exactly where they are, especially Snowden.

No martyrdom. No audiences. No freedom. Supporters finally seeing through them. Dwindling number of people who even care about them.

Let's just hope the next administration maintains the vigilance that makes them afraid to move.