I-Day Blood Work, Chicken Pox Titer vs Vaccine


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Dec 19, 2007
Do all Plebes get blood drawn on I-Day? If so, what tests do they run on the blood work? Is it better to get the chicken pox titer done at home now or wait until I-Day? If your child had a mild case of chicken pox, would they be better off getting the chicken pox vaccine or does immunity to the virus show up in the blood work regardless of the severity of the outbreak?
Thanks for all your help!
I know blood will be drawn for blood typing and HIV. I'm not sure if there are any additional tests that are done.

If your child had chickenpox, I would get a titer first to see of the vaccine is needed. I would do that now.
They did the test here at NAPS for us and made us get the vaccine if you did not have "enough immunity". When I was little, I had the worst case of chicken pox my doctor's had ever seen and I had to get the vaccine, all the painful doses. So do not count on not having to get the vaccine if you have already had chicken pox.
The titre is a simple lab test that your doctor can order while you're doing your other vaccines. We went to the lab on a Friday and had the results on Monday A.M. Fortunately, the massive case (over 500 pocks) my son had at age 4 was enough to give him immunity...anything over 1.09 is immune...he was like a 4. One less shot to get...but it's a great idea to deal w/ this prior to I-day, and the insurance will pay (depending on who you have) if your doctor orders it.
I worried about this for my I-Day, however when i got there I realized that some people didn't have any shots and had to get them all there. So, while they like you to get the shots done in advanced - there really isn't any rush at all. They will do whatever tests still need to be done when you inprocess.