I got hurt...


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Apr 9, 2008
I have an appointment to the Naval Academy and I just recently hurt my lower back in weightlifting class. I'm almost certain its the muscles not the bones because I can do a hamstring stretch and it will feel almost back to normal.

But when I wake up in the mornings and sometimes during the day it will hurt again.

Another thing, I can PT and everything, its only when I bend my back FAR is when it hurts, I can still bend over and pick things up fine.

Its been hurting like this for about 1.5 weeks now, and I'm scarred to go to a doctor about it because I don't want anything to medically DQ me. So what should I do?
First thing you want to do is to go to your physician to check it out. If it is just a muscle strain, then he/she can either give you some meds to relax any muscle spasms you may be having, plus the physician can get you into a physical therapist to get it healed up prior to I-Day.

If it is something more serious than a muscle spasm you will want to be able to have that taken care of as soon as possible. The back is not something to mess around with.

There is a possibility that if it is something more serious than muscle spasms that you will not be reporting to I-Day this year, or possibly never, but you do not want to go through life with back problems, trust me on that. I'm sure others on here can attest to that. Your health should be your number one priority.

If you decide not to get it checked out by a physician, and it does not heal prior to I-Day, I can almost guarantee that you will not finish plebe summer, and if it is something serious, that you will be sent home.

Do no waste any time on this. Right now time is not your friend. And as always, if you have any other questions please let me know.
definitely get that checked out. I understand what it feels like to have a back problem. I thought it would turn out to be nothing, but because I didnt have it looked at until it was too late, it turned into a MUCH bigger deal than it should have been. Nip it in the butt while it's not that big, otherwise you may complicate it.
Ditto to all of the above. I got treated for my minor back problem and it wasn't a big deal.... but had I waited? Who knows.

Got it checked by a trainer and it turned out to be a strained upper hamstring.

Been doing what she told me to do and its alrerady feeling better!
Yeah, its been almost 3 days since I posted this thread. It feels MUCH better (almost gone). I believe I was stressing over it too much. 1 week seemed like 3 weeks. When you work so hard for something (USNA), you tend to get a little paranoid about things. I learned my lesson.

And if anyone has this problem, this is what I did.

Mornings: Standing hamstirng stretch, 600mg Ibprofen
Afternoons: Stretch whenever you can
Nights: 600mg Ibprofen, 20-30min in tub (submerge back and legs), and Icy Hot. and STRETCH!

Got that from my uncle, who happens to be the PSA Master Coach, so he's pretty good at injuries.

The first thing he told me to do was "STOP WORRYING!!"

That was the most important thing for me.

Again, thanks again everybody!

July 2nd here I come! haha
"When you work so hard for something (USNA), you tend to get a little paranoid about things."

Aint that the truth. Prior to doing the PAE or PFE I was at soccer practice. In a scrimmage I stepped on an uneven area on the field, rolled my foot, felt a pop, and the foot immediately went purple. I could barely walk on it, but I had a playoff hockey game to play that night...laced up the skate, played a bit, however very hindered, and that was it. I had it looked at, turned out to be a pretty good sprain. I was pretty worried there for a week.

On the back issue...I was at ice hockey practice at the Coast Guard Academy, went into the boards in front of a guy that didn't play very much. They guy decided to check me, and I went head first into the boards, but I got my hands up just in time...it did however mess up my lower back, where all of the flexing took place as I hit the boards. My lower back hasn't felt right since. I could barely move it (lower) a week or two after, and now it generally stays sore, especially when I sit.

Pain goes it the game, but I hear you on being paranoid before reporting. Parents are paranoid too!