I here, too!


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Oct 10, 2007
Hello all!

I am the mother of twin sons, one of whom, Twin2 - has apps in to USAFA and to USNA (can't decide, hoping for either!) - a recruited athlete at AFA (duh, fencing). Twin1 has just decided to apply to USCGA and has the app in - working on the other sections now. He's also a fencer, in fantastic condition.

I recognize a number of your names from CC's forum.

We live in SW PA and have two other children, S at Hillsdale Col in Michigan, a pilot and certified Air Traffic Controller, who wants to fly helicopters in the Marines, and D, a h.s. junior (also a fencer - #6 in US in women's Div2 sabre, currently recuperating from a significant injury).

I know I'll enjoy all the threads here!

Hi there!
We live in Washington State but my husband is from Chambersburg, PA. He loves the Steelers too. He got a lot of crap at work when the Seahawks played the Steelers in the Superbowl. He and I got into an argument during the game because of the bad calls. It was not a good day! :eek:

My oldest son is a plebe at USMA and my other son is in h.s., he is leaning toward doing AFROTC.

Glad to have you over here.
Welcome! This should be fun and exciting year for you! If you have any questions - ask away!
Welcome to the asylum, er...... the board! :biggrin:
Promise to hang out with us as I'm dying to see how your nerves hold up between TWO academy application experiences. If you weren't in the nut house before.... well lets just say, you're gonna love this wild ride. :stretcher:

Welcome aboard!